Who doesn’t fancy a cold beer every once in a while? But the thought of those pesky calories can be a buzzkill. In today’s health-conscious world, people are searching for ways to have their cake and eat it too, or in this case, have their beer and drink it! That is where zero-calorie beers come into play. They are a dream come true for all the beer enthusiasts watching their waistlines. Reduce your alcohol consumption too with some zero alcohol beers! So, let’s look at ten of the best zero-calorie beers you have got to get your hands on.

What is  Zero-Calorie Beer? 

Zero-calorie beer, as the name suggests, is a beer that contains negligible or no calories. And how do they do that? They brew it just like they would any other beer but are more careful to keep the calories low. And you might be wondering, does it still taste good? You bet! Thanks to modern brewing methods, they have kept the hearty flavors we all love about beer. Let’s look at some of the best zero-calorie beer brands out there.

Top 10 ZeroCalorie Beer Brands To Choose From

Best Non-Alcoholic Light Beer: Budweiser Zero  ($2.99 per 12oz. bottle)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Taste: Heineken 0.0   ($1.99 per 330 ml bottle)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Quality: Clausthaler Original ($1.89 per 330 ml bottle)

Best Low-Priced Non-Alcoholic Beer: Beck’s Blue  ($1.49 per 330 ml bottle)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for a Variety of Flavors: Brewdog Nanny State

($2.29 per 12 oz. can)

Best For: Best Non-Alcoholic Dark Beer for Taste: Guinness Draught 0.0 ($2.49 per 14.9 oz. can)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Wheat Beer Lovers: Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei  ($2.79 per 500 ml bottle)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Budget: Coors Edge   ($1.29 per 12 oz. can)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Hoppy Taste: Brooklyn Special Effects  ($2.59 per 12 oz. bottle)

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for IPA Lovers: Athletic Brewing Co’s Run Wild IPA  ($2.99 per 12 oz. can)

Best Non-Alcoholic Light Beer: Budweiser Zero

Budweiser Zero Crate 24x330 ml, zero-calorie beer brand

Who doesn’t know about Budweiser? People at Anheuser-Busch have come up with an ingenious creation called Budweiser Zero. It captures the same beloved flavor we associate with the classic Budweiser but minus the alcohol and the calories. 

It is as crisp and satisfying as the original Budweiser, but you don’t have to worry about the calories. For all beer fans, this is a dream come true, allowing you to enjoy your drink without guilt.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Taste: Heineken 0.0 

Heineken 0.0 Pack 6x330 ml, zero-calorie beer brand

Next on the list is Heineken 0.0. This fantastic product is a beer with a lovely blend of fruity hints and a soft malty backdrop, but wait for it, no alcohol and no calories. 

Despite ditching the alcohol and the calories, this little gem keeps the signature taste that has made Heineken a favorite for so many of us. It is almost like magic! So, if you are a beer lover hunting for a low-calorie option, this one’s worth a try.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Quality: Clausthaler Original 

Clausthaler Original Glass Bottle, zero-calorie beer brand

Coming from Germany, we have Clausthaler Original. This zero-calorie, non-alcoholic beer gets a lot of praise for its full-bodied flavor. Their secret lies in the innovative brewing method, which creates a rich taste without calories, thus making it a heaven for weight watchers and health-conscious people.  

The people who make it have a unique way of brewing that keeps all the flavor but removes the calories. This makes it perfect for those who want to monitor their weight or health. This beer has an ideal taste, even though it doesn’t have alcohol. It is an excellent choice for any get-together or a quiet night in.

Best Low-Priced Non-Alcoholic Beer: Beck’s Blue 

Beck's Blue Pack 24x275 ml, zero-calorie beer brand

Beck’s Blue is a beer from Germany that is made without any alcohol or calories. Even though it doesn’t have any alcohol, it still tastes just like regular Beck’s. It’s got a light and clean flavor that is nice when you are looking for something to drink that won’t weigh you down.

Plus, because it’s got no calories, it’s a great choice if you’re watching your weight. This beer proves you can enjoy a good brew without the extra calories, making it a hit for everyone. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for a Variety of Flavors: Brewdog Nanny State

Brewdog Nanny State 12 Fl oz (12 Pack), zero-calorie beer brand

Brewdog Nanny State is a real game-changer in the zero-calorie beer league. What is unique about this beer? Despite its ultra-low alcohol content, it does not compromise on taste. 

It masterfully brings together the earthy bitterness of hops and the sweet richness of malt in perfect harmony. It is like a symphony of flavors that beer fans find irresistible. So if you’re after a flavorful beer low on calories and alcohol, Brewdog Nanny State is one to consider.

Best For: Best Non-Alcoholic Dark Beer for Taste: Guinness Draught 0.0

Guinness Draught 0.0 14.9 Fl oz (6 Pack), zero-calorie beer brand

If you like stout beer, Guinness Draught 0.0 might be for you. This zero-calorie beer has the same creamy and smooth taste that Guinness is known for but without any calories. It’s great for those who love stout beer and want to keep their calorie count low.

This makes it suitable for people who like their beers with a bit more body but are trying to have only a few calories. It shows that you can still have a beer that tastes good and is better for you.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Wheat Beer Lovers: Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei 

Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei 6 Pack, zero-calorie beer brand

Next in line we have Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei. It’s a German beer made from wheat and has no calories. What’s even more remarkable is that it is full of vitamins. So, it’s a yummy drink and gives your body good stuff. 

This means you can enjoy this beer without messing up your diet. It is an excellent find for anyone who loves beer. Erdinger lets you enjoy the fun of drinking beer and keeps you healthy at the same time. It’s truly a win-win for everyone!

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Budget: Coors Edge 

Coors Edge 12 Fl oz (6 Pack)

Coors Edge is a unique zero-calorie beer from the well-known Coors Brewing Company. It offers a clean and crisp taste that is quickly catching on with beer enthusiasts. 

This beer is an excellent choice for those seeking a lighter, refreshing beer without worrying about calories. It is no surprise that Coors Edge is climbing the charts in popularity among beer drinkers.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for Hoppy Taste: Brooklyn Special Effects 

Brooklyn Special Effects 355 ml bottle

This beer is special indeed. It is a hoppy lager with a unique and intricate flavor that sets it apart from non-alcoholic beer. The bonus here is that it carries zero calories. So, it offers a remarkable taste experience without adding to your calorie count. 

Brooklyn Special Effects shows us that non-alcoholic beer doesn’t have to be boring. It is perfect for enjoying on a hot day or when you are hanging out with friends. And the fact that it’s a healthier option is a big plus. So, if you are looking for a beer with a unique flavor that won’t mess with your diet, try Brooklyn Special Effects.  

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer for IPA Lovers: Athletic Brewing Co’s Run Wild IPA 

Athletic Brewing Co's Run Wild IPA & Upside Down Golden Cans

Last but not least is Run Wild IPA from Athletic Brewing Co. This beer stands out, boasting a robust grain flavor balanced by bitterness. And the best part is that it is a zero-calorie brew. This means it can be enjoyed freely without any concerns about weight gain. 

The makers have crafted it so well that it tastes as good as any regular beer. It is perfect for various occasions: be it a weekend BBQ, watching a game, or just hanging out with friends. Run Wild IPA is a strong contender when searching for a tasty beer that respects your diet.  

Benefits of Consuming Zero-Calorie Beer

Consuming zero-calorie beer offers several benefits. For one, it aligns with many dietary plans, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about the calorie content. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of consuming zero-calorie beer. 

Better weight management: 

Zero-calorie beers provide an excellent option for those who enjoy a regular pint but are conscious of their weight. Without the extra calories, beer lovers can maintain their weight goals without compromising their love for beer.

Lower sugar levels: 

Traditional beers can contain significant amounts of sugar, contributing to higher calorie counts. Zero-calorie beers, however, usually have much lower sugar content, making them a healthier choice for those monitoring their sugar intake. Moreover, research shows that non-alcoholic beers can reduce cardiovascular risk factors and improve sleep quality.

Keeps you hydrated: 

Unlike alcoholic drinks that can dehydrate the body, non-alcoholic beers, especially zero-calorie ones, maintain hydration levels. This makes them a healthier alternative, particularly during social events where drinks flow freely.

Rich in nutrients: 

Some zero-calorie beers are rich in vitamins and minerals, offering an added nutritional benefit. For instance, Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei, a German wheat beer, is not only zero-calorie but also rich in vitamins.


In conclusion, zero-calorie beers offer a fantastic option for those who want to enjoy their favorite beverage without the added calories. Or if you want, add some alcohol to your coffee and sip on delicious bourbon coffee, anytime! So, go ahead and enjoy these top picks guilt-free! 


Is zero-calorie beer alcohol-free? 

Most zero-calorie beers are alcohol-free or have very low alcohol content. They’re brewed in such a way as to minimize both alcohol and calorie content.

Does zero-calorie beer taste the same as regular beer?

While the taste of zero-calorie beer may slightly differ from regular beer, brewing advancements have allowed for an incredibly close match in flavor.

Can I drink zero-calorie beer and drive? 

Since most zero-calorie beers are non-alcoholic, it’s usually safe to drink and drive. However, it’s always important to check the label for any alcohol content.

Is zero-calorie beer healthier than regular beer? 

Zero-calorie beer is lower in calories and usually in alcohol, making it a healthier alternative. Some even contain vitamins and other nutrients.

Where can I buy zero-calorie beers? 

Zero-calorie beers are usually available in liquor stores, supermarkets, and online platforms that sell beverages.


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