Many of us are trying to enhance our well-being from the inside out in a world becoming more and more health-conscious. Gut bacteria test for weight loss in women play a big role in this as our gut has a significant impact on general health, controlling various aspects of our body. 

Our gut microbiome is a large community of bacteria that lives in our digestive tract. 

The significance of maintaining a balanced gut microbiome is becoming more widely understood. As a result, interest in tests for gut health has sky-rocketed. 

These tests can help you understand the condition of your gut health and, if necessary, make dietary and lifestyle adjustments to enhance it. Let’s take a deeper look at the five best ones! Once you’re done reading this, check out the best 5 vitamins for post covid fatigue.

5 Best Gut Bacteria Test For Weight Loss in Women

Best Overall: Viome Gut Intelligence Test

Best for Personalized Recovery: Thryve Inside Gut Health Program

The Best for Digestive Health Insights: Biohm Gut Test

Best for Nutritional Guidance: Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test

The Best for Budget: Ombre Healthy Gut & Rise Probiotic and Prebiotic Value

Best Overall: Viome Gut Intelligence Test

gut bacteria test for weight loss

Price: Approximately $150
Ingredients: Collection tube with stabilizing liquid, Pre-paid return shipping box 

The Viome Gut Intelligence Test is a sophisticated at-home testing kit that recognizes the bacteria in your gut and determines their activity. It provides a genuinely thorough perspective of your gut health by looking at viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Your microbiome is analyzed using artificial intelligence in this test, and personalized food and supplement advice is given in light of the findings. A comprehensive database maintained by the business guarantees a precise and in-depth analysis.

The Viome test is distinguished by its cutting-edge metatranscriptomic sequencing technique, which is generally only used in research centers. This gut health test is designed by Viome, a company dedicated to providing advanced healthcare technology. 

Best for Personalized Recommendations: Thryve Inside Gut Health Program

gut bacteria test for weight loss

Price: Approximately $200
Ingredients: Sterile cotton swab, Collection Tube, Pre-paid return envelope

Thryve’s Gut Health program is another great option for people looking to understand their gut health. This test assesses the proportions of healthy and bad bacteria in your gut and provides you with tailored dietary advice to enhance gut health.

This test provides a thorough analysis of your gut health and potential effects on your well-being. Additionally, they offer tailored probiotic advice to correct any microbiome imbalances. This microbiome test is manufactured by Thryve, a company providing high-quality testing equipment to ensure people don’t face gut health problems. 

The Best for Digestive Health Insights: Biohm Gut Test

Microbiome test

Price: Approximately $179
Ingredients: Biohm sampling swab, Collection tube with preservative liquid, Pre-paid return envelope

The Biohm Gut Test measures the amounts of bacteria and fungi to provide information about the health of your digestive system. Anyone who is having digestive problems, such as bloating, indigestion, or constipation, will find this test to be of special value.

The Biohm test can pinpoint particular problems you might be having by identifying the species and strain of bacteria in your gut. They also provide food suggestions to improve intestinal health. The attention Biohm pays to fungus, as well as bacteria, is what makes this test unique.

This product has been manufactured by Biohm, a company founded by Dr.Ghannoum, a leading researcher in microbiome science. The tests they provide are of high-quality and third-party tested to ensure they get the best results. 

Best for Nutritional Guidance: Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test

Microbiome test

Price: Approximately $189
Ingredients: Sterile collection device, Stabilizing solution, Pre-paid return envelope

The Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test offers an extensive breakdown of your gut microbiome. This kit offers details on how your gut bacteria break down dietary fiber and creates vital vitamins.

Based on the makeup of your gut flora, Atlas Biomed provides comprehensive nutritional advice. It also provides information about your genetic susceptibility to other medical diseases. Additionally, it considers how gut flora may affect mood, weight, and general health.

This microbiome test is designed by Atlios Biomed, a company that aims to help people take control of their health through actionable data from microbiome testing. 

The Best for Budget: Ombre Healthy Gut & Rise Probiotic and Prebiotic Value

Microbiome tests

Price: Approximately $99
Ingredients: Swab, Collection tube, Pre-paid return envelope

The Ombre Healthy Gut & Rise Probiotic and Prebiotic Value provides a fundamental overview of microbiome testing. Anyone interested in gut health who isn’t quite ready to spend the money on a more thorough test can use this kit as an economical alternative.

This kit offers a summary of your microbiome with a list of the various bacterial species that are present in your gut. The price of the Ombre Healthy Guy & Rise Probiotic and Prebiotic Value makes microbiome testing available to a wider audience.

This test is designed by Ombre, a company on a mission to provide the best microbiome tests in the industry. 

Benefits of Gut Bacteria Test For Women

Now that we’ve discussed the five best gut bacteria test for weight loss in women, let’s talk about the benefits they provide. Gut health plays a significant role in digestion, immunity, mood, and more. These tests allow us to assess gut health and give an insight into its condition. 

One of their major benefits is that they help you understand the diversity and richness of their microbiome, allowing for personalized dietary and lifestyle modifications. This can lead to improvement in gut health including enhancing immune function, improving mental health, or tackling certain diseases


That wraps up our list of the five best gut bacteria test for weight loss in women. If you found this information helpful, check out the top 5 lung health supplements. To conclude, knowledge is power when it comes to enhancing your gut health. 

Gut microbiome tests can offer priceless information about your digestive system and general health. Even if all of the aforementioned tests provide insightful data, it’s vital to pick the one that best fits your requirements and price range.

Understanding our microbiome is an important step towards personalized medicine, empowering us to make informed decisions about our health based on our unique gut composition.


Why should I take a microbiome test?

A microbiome test can give you a detailed understanding of the bacterial composition in your gut. This information can help guide dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your gut health and overall well-being.

How accurate are at-home microbiome tests?

While at-home microbiome tests cannot provide a full diagnosis, they can offer valuable insights into your gut health. However, their accuracy may vary, and it’s essential to select a reputable product for reliable results.

Are microbiome tests covered by insurance?

Most at-home microbiome tests are not typically covered by insurance. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance provider as policies may vary.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with taking a microbiome test?

Taking a microbiome test is non-invasive and does not pose any known risks or side effects. However, it’s important to follow the test kit instructions carefully for accurate results.