Constipation can lead to severe gastric and gut health complications. If you feel your bowel movements are infrequent, then you should take precautions for constipation. Watch out for symptoms such as stool frequency and consistency, as well as any stomach aches or cramps. A common symptom of constipation is bloating. While constipation can be relieved through a diet filled with fiber and other essential nutrients, you can get relief with the help of laxatives. We’ve derived the top 5 best laxatives to relieve constipation. 

Top 5 Best Laxatives To Relieve Constipation

Best Chewables: Dulcolac Soft Chews

Best Stimulant Laxative: Ex-lax Maximum Strength Stimulant Laxative

Best Stool Softener: Colace 2-in-1 Stimulant Laxative

Best For IBS: Digestic Revolutionary Formula

Best For Women: Rite Aid Women’s Stimulant Laxative 

Best Chewables: Dulcolac Soft Chews

We all love chewable tablets, especially when they come in mixed berry flavors. When seeking relief from constipation, natural ingredients are always preferred. Without any stimulants, these soft chews help ease constipation within 30 minutes. What we love is the packing. If you’re traveling or going to work, you can place these individually wrapped chewables in your bag in case you need help. 

Magnesium hydroxide is the active ingredient in these tablets which absorbs all the water and brings it to the gut. This forces the stool to move out of the system. Each soft chew costs $0.53, which is affordable for relieving occasional constipation. 

Best Stimulant Laxative: Ex-lax Maximum Strength Stimulant Laxative

exlax laxative relieve constipation

If you’re suffering from prolonged constipation, then you should use the ex-lax Maximum Strength Stimulant Laxative. This strength is based on the sennoside quantity used in the formula. Take one tablet when needed and find yourself free of constipation overnight. Each tablet is easy to swallow and contains 25mg of sennosides that act as a stimulant and ensure bowel movements. 

However, be careful not to use this stimulant laxative for over 7 days. With guaranteed relief, you’ll be carrying this laxative around for sure.As cheap as $0.21 per tablet, this laxative is one of the cheapest and most effective stimulant laxatives available. 

Best Stool Softener: Colace 2-in-1 Stimulant Laxative

Colace laxative relieve constipation

With constipation, there is a possibility that the stool has hardened, which is why it is necessary to use stool softeners. This formula is 2-in-1, and while acting as a stimulant laxative, it softens the stool for ease. Docusate sodium, one of the main ingredients in Colace 2-in-1 Stool Softener and Stimulant Laxative, absorbs water and fats in the stool. 

The senna concentrate acts as a stimulant to contract the bowels for movement. The tablets are easy to take, and you should take one when going through constipation. You will find relief within 6 to 12 hours. Each tablet is priced at $0.38 and is very easy to buy from your nearest drugstore. 

Best For IBS: Digestic Revolutionary Formula

Digestic laxative relieve constipation

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is very common in people and plays a huge role in causing constipation. The Digestic Revolutionary Formula targets the bowel system and, using plant-based ingredients, detoxifies the gut. This clears constipation, IBS, bloating, and gas. These vegan capsules contain carica papaya, aloe ferox, and other natural herbal ingredients that promote overall gut health. 

For chronic constipation, take 2 capsules. This formula stimulates the colon to excrete stool without causing diarrhea. If the product doesn’t work, you can opt for the money-back guarantee. Each capsule is worth $0.65 and is truly revolutionary as a laxative. 

Best For Women: Rite Aid Women’s Stimulant Laxative 

Rite Aid laxative relieve constipation

Women need gentle and reliable forms of constipation relief. Rite Aid Women’s Stimulant Laxative uses bisacodyl as the main ingredient. This stimulant laxative works gently in women’s bodies and provides relief overnight. Each tablet induces a bowel movement within 6 to 12 hours, and if you don’t get the desired result, you can opt for a refund. 

These tablets are enteric coated, which makes them easy to swallow. You can take a maximum of three tablets in a day. However, you should discontinue use after 7 days. A single tablet costs $0.10 only and is one of the best laxatives available for women.

Natural Laxatives and Their Benefits

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in fiber which is essential for bowel movements. Increasing fiber consumption through chia seeds increases stool frequency and softens it for easy passage. 


As edible plants, legumes are also rich in fiber. They also increase the production of butyric acid, which helps treat constipation by improving digestive tract movement. 


Containing Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, flaxseeds have natural laxative properties. A study showed that flaxseed flour was more effective than lactulose at easing constipation. 


Laxatives with natural ingredients are great for relieving constipation. However, you should be cautious that your body isn’t entirely dependent on laxatives for bowel movements. A diet rich in fiber and high water intake prevents constipation from happening. 

If you’re suffering from constipation, then you can choose one of these top 5 best laxatives to relieve constipation. If not treated on time, constipation could develop into severe hemorrhoids and anal fissures. So use these laxatives for occasional constipation and find relief quickly!


Are laxatives safe to use?

Laxatives are safe to use for the short term. If you have chronic constipation that lasts for a very long time, you should visit a doctor and find out the reason. Excessive use of laxatives can cause an imbalance of salts and essential nutrients. 

Can milk be used as a laxative?

Health practitioners claim that raw milk is digested easily as compared to pasteurized. Due to this, it can be used to relieve constipation and other digestive troubles. 

What’s the best time to take a laxative?

Stimulant laxatives should be taken on an empty stomach for quick effect. If taken with food or after food, the effects of the laxative are slowed down. Some overnight laxatives should be taken at bedtime for results in the morning.

Is yogurt good for constipation?

Yogurt and kefir are fermented dairy products that are rich in probiotics. They are highly beneficial for gut health and reduce the chances of constipation.