Coffee concentrates have made life simpler and easier. If you’re in a hurry to reach work, then use coffee concentrates to achieve a quick caffeine fix. Amp your plain coffee with a chocolate twist by trying chocolate-flavored coffee concentrates. Add milk or cream to get a delicious mocha if you don’t prefer black coffee. Or, if you aren’t a chocolate fan yet and want to try flavored coffee, try making French vanilla coffee at home. Sip on these chocolate coffees, hot or cold, whenever you want. 

Best Dark Roast: CoolBrew Chocolate Almond Liquid Concentrate

Best Organic: Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Coffee Concentrate 

Best Artisan-Roasted: Christopher Bean Chocolate Indulgence Coffee Concentrate

Best Low Acid: Javy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Mocha 

Best Coffee Shop Taste: Pop & Bottle Mocha Coffee Super Concentrate 

Best Dark Roast: CoolBrew Chocolate Almond Liquid Concentrate

CoolBrew Chocolate Almond Fresh Cold Brew Liquid Concentrate 500ml Bottles Pack of 6, chocolate-flavored coffee concentrates

With an easy-to-pour bottle, this cold-brew chocolate almond coffee concentrate is super quick to prepare. A delicious nutty flavor complimenting this rich coffee and chocolate concentrate will keep you craving more. Just squeeze the bottle to get an ounce of liquid in the upper portion, and pour that into your cup.

If you want, you can add sugar or a sweetener of your choice since this concentrate comes unsweetened. Enjoy it hot or cold, or add it to your favorite blended shake for something fun. This cold-brew liquid concentrate will cost you $6.90/bottle but will last a while.

Best Organic: Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Coffee Concentrate 

Chameleon Cold-Brew Mocha Coffee Concentrate 946 ml Bottle

A smooth coffee with low acidity and rich flavor is what you’ll get from this mocha coffee concentrate by Chameleon. Made from 100% organic and fair trade certified coffee, you’ll savor every sip of this drink. Add water to this concentrate if you want to enjoy the light-roasted flavor of coffee on its own.

To make a decadent and rich mocha, add cream or milk. You can heat it or enjoy it chilled. This concentrate lets you make coffee the way you want. The cold-brew process keeps the rich coffee flavor intact. You can buy this coffee concentrate for $0.63/Fl Oz.

Best Artisan-Roasted: Christopher Bean Chocolate Indulgence Coffee Concentrate

Christopher Bean Chocolate Indulgence Flavored Coffee Concentrate 8 Oz Bottle, chocolate-flavored coffee concentrates

If you’re searching for a coffee concentrate with a deep chocolate flavor that will indulge your senses, then this is it. This artisan-roasted coffee concentrate is made to order, so you’ll get a fresh concentrate to enjoy. Made with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans, this coffee will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Each sip is luscious, especially if you add some cream to it. We loved this combination of chocolate and coffee with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweet chocolate notes. This concentrate is sugar-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO, so you don’t have to worry about the extra calories. It’s a fair price at $2.50/Fl Oz.

Best Low Acid: Javy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Mocha 

Javy Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 6 Oz Bottle, chocolate-flavored coffee concentrates

Trying to find a coffee concentrate that lasts you at least a month? We’ve got the perfect fit. The Javy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in Mocha flavor will satisfy your coffee cravings, with each bottle containing 35 cups. This is one of the best chocolate coffee concentrates you’ll get, made with ultra-pure water, fresh 100% Arabica coffee beans, and cacao. 

You can enjoy a cafe-style mocha at home now without the hefty price tag. Just one teaspoon of this concentrate has caffeine equal to an entire cup. This natural and free-of-additives coffee concentrate can be purchased for $3.91/ounce.

Best Coffee Shop Taste: Pop & Bottle Mocha Coffee Super Concentrate 

Pop & Bottle Super Concentrate, Mocha Coffee 8 Fl Oz Bottle Pack Of 2, chocolate-flavored coffee concentrates

This super concentrate lets you be a barista so you can enjoy a delicious cuppa without paying the high price. With this single concentrate, you can satisfy all your cravings. Make hot coffee in the mornings for a burst of energy and a cold one in the afternoon to refresh yourself. 

You can create a perfect cup of mocha with just one tablespoon of Pop & Bottle Mocha Super Coffee Concentrate. No more effort and time spent on brewing when this bottle gives you a smooth ready-to-make coffee. A rich chocolaty cup of mocha from this concentrate is worth $4.38/Fl Oz. 

Benefits of Coffee

Boosts energy 

Caffeine is the main compound found in coffee, and it is known to fight fatigue and boost energy levels. A study showed that coffee intake before a round of golf increased energy and decreased signs of fatigue.

Protects liver 

Coffee has the potential to protect the liver from multiple diseases. A study revealed that consuming 2 or more cups of coffee daily protected the liver from scarring and liver cancer.  

Boosts athletic performance

Coffee is consumed by athletes as ergogenic acid to improve performance and boost energy. A review of 9 different studies showed that drinking before exercise improved endurance and also relieved users of exertion. 


Coffee concentrates are gaining popularity because of the ease they’ve provided. Most concentrates are produced from cold-brewing premium coffee beans, which ensure maximum flavor retention. If you’re craving a decadent mocha, going to a fancy cafe is unnecessary. Just pop open a chocolate-flavored coffee concentrate and make the drink of your dreams. 

You can even add toppings to your liking for a fancy mocha at home. Check out these top 5 chocolate-flavored coffee concentrates and forget going to coffee shops. Acidity caused by coffee can be painstaking. If you also suffer from coffee acidity, switch to low-acid coffees.


What is the difference between a coffee and a coffee concentrate?

Other forms of coffee are meant to be brewed to reach a concentration point. However, coffee concentrates are supposed to be diluted with either water or milk. 

Is coffee concentrate stronger than espresso?

A coffee concentrate has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a coffee drink. An undiluted coffee concentrate is 5 times stronger than an espresso. 

What happens if I drink a coffee concentrate? 

Since coffee contains caffeine, a high dose in the form of coffee concentrate may lead to negative effects. These include insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and a faster heartbeat. 

Can you mix coffee concentrate with milk?

Yes. However, the amount of milk you add to your coffee concentrate depends on how strong you like your coffee.