When it comes to coffee infused with alcohol, Irish coffee has a special place. Mixed with Irish whiskey, this drink is served hot and comes with a delicious cream topping. However, you can’t always get this special drink from cafes, so we’ve discovered some Irish coffee powder drink brands from the USA that you can make at home. 

These drinks come with some variations since there aren’t methods to include alcohol in instant coffee powders. With the same rich texture and deep flavor, these drinks will blow your mind. Go through these top 8 Irish coffee powder drink brands from the USA and make your pick! 

Top 8 Irish Coffee Powder Drink Brands From the USA

Best Value: Victorian Inn Instant Cappuccino Irish Creme 

Best Premium: Caffe D’Vita Irish Creme Cappuccino 

Best Dark-Roasted: Nescafe Irish Latte

Best Medium-Roasted: Gruner Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Irish 

Best Infused: Little’s Irish Cream Flavor Coffee

Best Decaf: Decaf Instant Irish Cream Coffee

Most Convenient: Shelton’s Irish Cream Coffee Hearts

Best Cheap: Superior Irish Cream Cappuccino Mix

Best Value: Victorian Inn Instant Cappuccino Irish Creme 

Victorian Inn Instant Cappuccino, Irish Creme 32 Oz Can coffee powder drink

This is the best option if you’re searching for a drink that no one can detect as instant coffee. A perfectly creamy texture that you can attain by just adding hot water. This powder can be used to make hot, cold, or blended coffee. If you’re confused about how to make the perfect drink, the can comes with instructions that you can follow. 

A single can lets you make 12 servings, making it one of the best value drink brands available. Even though this coffee is alcohol-free, it has a smooth and rich flavor which you can’t find in other instant coffees. At $0.72/ounce, this coffee powder is a great catch!

Best Premium: Caffe D’Vita Irish Creme Cappuccino 

Caffe D'Vita Irish Cream Cappuccino  16 Oz Can

One of the best premium brands in the USA, Caffe D’vita has gained its name in the coffee industry. Without hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, and trans fat, you can drink this Irish Cream Cappuccino mix guilt-free. Make it hot or cold, or blend it with ice for a creamy drink.

Moreover, this coffee powder is 99% caffeine free, so you can also have your favorite coffee at night. Once you try this drink, you’ll feel like you’re sipping on Irish coffee from one of the best cafes. While this costs $1.83/ounce, it has the most delectable flavor that you’ll taste. 

Best Dark-Roasted: Nescafe Irish Latte

Nescafe Irish Latte 8 Sachets Pack coffee powder drink

With a lovely aroma of dark-roasted coffee, this Irish latte is super simple and delicious at the same time. Even though it isn’t your typical Irish coffee with alcohol, it has a captivating taste and the coffee kick you need each morning. Add hot water to a sachet and watch the froth thicken on your mug. 

We loved the depth of flavor in each sip and the creaminess that fills you up instantly. A single sachet will cost you $1.19. 

Best Medium-Roasted: Gruner Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Irish 

This medium-roasted coffee has an intense flavor and a rich aroma that makes your kitchen smell like heaven. This freeze-dried instant coffee contains no added sugars but has a taste that will leave you speechless. Even though it is flavored with Irish coffee, it tastes authentic and is nothing like instant coffee.

All you have to do is add hot water to a heaped teaspoon of this mix. You’ll end up with a creamy and frothy coffee in no time! With a price of $5.10/ounce, it is on the expensive end but a delight to drink. 

Best Infused: Little’s Irish Cream Flavor Coffee

Little's Irish Cream Flavour Infused Instant Coffee 50 Grams Bottle

Infused with an authentic Irish cream flavor, this instant coffee is one of the best options to make at home. You’ll feel the Irish cream flavor stand out in this coffee. 

Medium-roasted with a rich texture in each sip, this coffee brand will win you over instantly. You can top it off with cream to make an actual Irish cream coffee at home. At $0.92/ounce, this coffee saves you from the hassle of finding the best Irish coffee outside your home. 

Best Decaf: Decaf Instant Irish Cream Coffee

Beanies Instant Coffee Irish Cream Flavour Decaf 1.76 oz Bottle

Do you want a luscious cup of Irish coffee without the caffeine? Beanies Irish Cream Flavor Decaf Instant Coffee has it all sorted. With only 2 calories in each cup, you can enjoy this coffee without worrying about gaining weight. This coffee is gluten, dairy, and wheat free while being suitable for vegetarians. 

This instant coffee comes without any added sugar yet has a rich and powerful coffee flavor without bitterness. Add hot water and stir to make the best decaf instant Irish coffee right at home. Even though this coffee is expensive at $5.62/ounce, you’ll want a cup all day, every day. 

Most Convenient: Shelton’s Irish Cream Coffee Hearts

Shelton's Coffee Hearts Irish Cream 10 Sachets Box

Want to add a touch of cuteness to your coffee mug? These coffee hearts are adorable and flavorful at the same time. Pop a heart out of the sachet and add it to a cup of hot water. Watch the magic happen as the coffee dissolves to give you a perfect cuppa!

This coffee uses 100% Colombian coffee beans that are sourced from a single origin. Each serving contains only 5 calories since there are no added sugars, and it is also allergen-free. Each heart is priced at $1.50 but will add life to your coffee cup each day.  

Best Cheap: Superior Irish Cream Cappuccino Mix

Superior Cappuccino Mix Irish Cream 2 Lbs Bag

Super easy to make, this Irish Cream Cappuccino Mix will last you quite a while. You can use it at home or at the office for a quick caffeine fix. Even though this mix has no alcohol content, it still gives a creamy and satisfying Irish cream coffee. 

With non-fat dry milk used in this instant mix, you don’t have to worry about the extra calories. Just stir some of this coffee mix in a hot cup of water and make a wholesome Irish cream coffee instantly. A single cup of this coffee will cost you $1. 

Benefits of Coffee and Whiskey 


Both coffee and whiskey are rich in antioxidants which get rid of the harmful radicals present in the body. Moderate consumption of whiskey also increases blood antioxidant levels, according to research. 

Heart health 

Coffee and whiskey are both good for the heart when consumed in moderate amounts. Studies show that whiskey intake can help reduce the risk of heart disease when used in tolerable quantities. 

Brain Health 

Caffeine intake increases dopamine and adrenaline levels to make the brain function faster. Whiskey, too, promotes brain health. Some research shows that consuming whiskey protects the brain from conditions such as dementia. 


Irish coffee is a creamy drink that also contains the excitement of whiskey. The main ingredients of this drink are coffee, cream, sugar, and whiskey. Despite being a popular drink, there are limited brands that make instant Irish coffee powder drinks, and we chose the best of those. 

All the variations in powder form are non-alcoholic or simply infused with alcohol flavorings. However, these top 8 Irish Coffee Powder Drink Brands from the USA are going to become your go-to drinks once you try them out. 


Is Irish coffee an alcoholic drink?

Irish coffee is a caffeinated and alcoholic beverage that consists of hot coffee, sugar, and whiskey that is then topped off with cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream. 

Is Irish coffee good for health?

Even though mixing alcohol with caffeine isn’t recommended, sipping on some warm Irish coffee sometimes won’t harm you. Just be aware of both caffeine and alcohol content used in the beverage. 

Why is it called Irish coffee?

Irish coffee was created by chef Joe Sheridan in Ireland. Due to this, it was given the name Irish coffee. 

Is Irish coffee sweet or bitter?

Even though the combination of coffee with whiskey makes the drink bitter, the sugar and cream add mellow tones. These flavors reduce bitterness and add an exquisite taste to the drink.