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An angel number is a combination of the same digit. This combo is often a three-number sequence, like 222. Your angel number can fall anywhere between 000 and 999, and it’s linked to the presence of supernatural beings operating behind the scenes, guiding you at every junction in life. Yes, we know this sounds absurd, especially for the unreligious. 

However, Divine assistance isn’t limited to angel numbers alone. Do you remember when you had a rough breakup, and someone showed up to comfort you? Or that time you forgot your wallet at home, but a kind stranger paid for your cup of coffee? And let’s not forget the day a co-worker covered for you while you overslept and decided to spend the whole day showing yourself love. 

Sure, these instances could very well be fruits of human compassion. But when they occur repeatedly, you observe a sequence. For example, a particular friend checking up on you at the start of a new relationship seems to fall off the planet, only to ask you how you’re doing while the relationship is going through a rough patch. If things like these have happened to you, you’re about to find your angel number. 

How to Find Your Angel Number

You can find your angel number in two ways. The first one is by observation, while the second is manual calculation. 


Have you wondered why you always unlock your phone when it’s 11:11 am? Wake up at 3 am? Purchase goods worth $55.5? Instinctively shut down your computer for your lunch break at 2:22 pm? Notice a string of numbers, like 999, on a license plate? Add up your weekly expenses, and the figure is a multiple of 7?

Observing your angel number
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You can’t help but pause and think when faced with these digits, whether you see them on a receipt or the number of likes on a tweet. That’s your intuition at work. 

If you haven’t paid much attention to numbers, you can try to start today. A number, or sequence of numbers, that you keep seeing turns out to be your angel number. 

Manual Calculation

Trusting your intuition takes a lot of faith in yourself. And some numbers may jump out at you because you just read an article on angel numbers, and now that your brain is aware of their existence, it alerts you whenever they appear. 

So for those who feel their intuition may be misleading, calculating your angel number using your birth date is a more accurate alternative. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Write your birth date.

Yes, please take a sheet of paper and write down your birth date as a whole number. For example, if you were born on the third of May, 2001, write 06052001. 

Step 2: Add up. 

Add each digit in the number you wrote down in (1). For example, the sum of 0+3+0+5+2+0+0+1 is 11.

Step 3: Add again. 

Once you’ve obtained your sum in (2), add the individual digits of that number together. For example, 1+1 equals 2. Therefore, 5 is your standalone angel number. When studying angel numbers, most numerologists work with sequences rather than single digits. Therefore, your sequential angel number would be 22, 222, or 2222. 

What to Do When You Find Your Angel Number

Your angels send you numbers for specific reasons. These divine beings are believed to have a profound impact, providing guidance, protection, and comfort during times of hardship. So, to show appreciation for their presence, you acknowledge their existence and their role in your life.

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One way to express gratitude towards angels is through owning your angel number. Rather than dismiss it as a mere façade, claim it like you would your zodiac sign because it’s that real. 

In addition, taking a few moments each day to reflect on your angel’s presence and offer thanks for their guidance can help deepen your connection to them.

Besides, angels are believed to be messengers of love and light, so by spreading positivity and goodwill, you can honor their presence and continue their mission. By cultivating awareness and thankfulness, you open yourself up to the blessings and opportunities that angels bring.

What Does Your Angel Number Mean?

Although angel numbers are generally regarded as signs of angelic guidance, we can interpret them in various ways. 

Angel Number 222

Number 2 is governed by the moon, the symbol of femininity. Thus, angel number 222 points to strengthening your partnerships with others to achieve your goals. 

Angel Number 333

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and wealth, has been linked to 3. Angel number 3 owners naturally attract good luck and should hone their talents to have a balanced life.

Angel Number 444

4 is a radical number, keen on change. Its planetary ruler is Uranus, which initiates technological progress, rebellion against unwanted situations, and innovative strategies. When you receive angel number 4, take the message as a Divine nod to leaping forward.