Gentle Monster My Ma Sunglasses Review

With the recent rise to a new brand of sunglasses, Gentle Monster, many may be curious what makes the brand so popular, and if they are worth your money.

Some say that if you are not feeling confident about yourself, you should put on a pair of good looking sunglasses, and it will almost immediately make you feel better. We wondered if this is effective? Hence, this was a good opportunity we got ourselves a pair of GMs to see if it makes us feel good!

Did we feel more confident after wearing Gentle Monster’s My Ma Sunglasses? What did we like about it?Here’s our experience with their My Ma 01s.

The Full Black Sunglass Look

You know what we are talking about. We see it on many celebrities, especially on Korean dramas. Gentle Monster’s full black sunglasses made it to fame when actors on Korean dramas started wearing them. Till today, they remain a Korean cult favourite as they go well with almost every outfit (and we can testify to that).

Gentle Monster’s My Ma sunglasses in a Korean drama

Photo: Preview

Wearing GM’s My Ma Sunglasses: Our Honest Review

The Gentle Monster My Ma sunglasses are slightly smaller and is more circular in shape as compared to their popular Her and Flatba sunglasses. As it is slightly smaller, its weight is significantly lighter, yet still feels steady on the nose. Its circular cut is perfect for those who have high cheek bones, and interestingly, the sunglasses has an effect which gives the V-shape jaw line look.

Some things about the glasses I enjoyed:

  • The lenses are a good shade of black, from the outside, it looks really dark but when you wear it, it does not feel as ‘blacked out’.
  • Gives the full black, chunky glasses look without shaping your face so squarely.
  • Covers a large part of your face.
  • Lenses are over the frame, not within the frame. This gives a seamless look throughout.
  • Felt good wearing them as you know you look good, and cool!

Other things to note:

  • The plastic frame can be easily be scratched.
  • Prices of sunglasses differ across countries.
  • There are many unauthentic ones and you can check for authenticity on their website.
  • The shop offers complimentary widening or size adjustments of the glasses.

How I wore My Ma Sunglasses

I found it so easy to match the sunglass with my everyday outfits. You name it, from going on a drive to the mall, to matching it with my brunch outfit with friends, it is just that versatile. You can wear it with denim jeans and a white t-shirt or shirt, or a lighter coloured dress that would contrast the sunglasses.


Gentle Monster My Ma sunglasses is a good introduction to the full black sunglass look. Wearing it did not feel so intimidating, as the size is just right. It provides good UV coverage and sits on your nose well, without any slips. Lastly, it is easily matched with any outfit, as such you will get so much use out of it. Its price is on the slightly higher side, however do note that their prices differ across countries, hence if you have friends heading to Korea for a holiday, ask them for a favour!

Post Image: Gentle Monster