Is there a right time to share your pregnancy?

It is always such good news when one finds out about their pregnancy. With tiktok and short videos, we see an increase of videos on how individuals react to their positive pregnancy test results. These videos may be filmed earlier and released at a later date but some may wonder, is there a good time to tell others about your pregnancy?

We look at some potential reasons as to when and why couples choose to share their pregnancy.

The Chinese belief

It may be a belief, but you can make sense out of it. It is believed that a pregnancy should not be disclosed during the first 3 months. This is because during the early stages, the pregnancy is not yet stable, and there are chances of miscarriage. Pregnancy is considered stable after the 3 months mark, hence people are encouraged to share the good news after ensuring the pregnancy is stable.

First visit to your Gynae

Similar to the Chinese belief, some would wait after the first visit to the gynae to announce the good news. This is because during the visit, tests will be run to confirm the pregnancy and estimate the due date, all while also checking on the mom’s health. This is when couples can ask questions and share their concerns, if any, and walk out more confident.

Knowing more about the baby

When sharing about new and exciting things, especially an addition to the family, there will definitely be many questions asked. Some couples may choose to wait until they know more information about their baby such as the gender, and overall health, and feel it is a good time to tell people that they are pregnant. Other questions such as experience with the hospital or a certain gynae may be asked, hence these will be only experienced later into the pregnancy and couples may choose to tell after.

An Element of Surprise

Some may choose to share only when the baby bump is showing. How exciting is that when people become curious and start asking questions. Internally, mothers would also feel excited to share as it can be seen as reaching a personal milestone.

Early Support

While some may share only after 3 months, there are couples who feel that by sharing early, they have support from friends and family who may share their own experience or give useful advice. Be it a healthy baby or a tough pregnancy, a couple may want to involve those who are close to them as a pillar of support and strength.

Job Requirements

Couples may choose to share their pregnancy for safety reasons, especially so if your job is physically demanding or may not be healthy for the baby. Physical labour can be considered dangerous such as being exposed to chemicals or carrying heavy things. While there is little evidence showing that physical activities can cause pregnancy difficulties, it is worth considering should one personally not feel comfortable.


Finding out about your pregnancy is exciting and the journey can be a mixture of emotions. There are some who choose to share this excitement early on and others, after being more confident about the pregnancy. They may see it as a good time to tell people they are pregnant. Either way, it is important to let your doctor know if you are pregnant and to arrange for your first prenatal visit. Ultimately, the decision is up to the couples and what makes them comfortable.

Post Image: Azra Tuba Demir