Best heating pads for period cramps

Do you know what makes menstrual pain even worse? Having to stay home from work or class because it hurts so bad you can’t even sit or stand. Thankfully, technology has caught up in the form of the best heating pads for period cramps, which we’ll discuss in this article. 

Are Menstrual Cramps Normal?

Menstrual cramps, also called dysmenorrhea, happen when the uterus contracts to push out blood and tissue from the uterus. The most common symptom of this is a pain in your lower abdomen or back.

Period cramps are not just normal but more common than you think. In 2012, an article featured in the Journal of Pain Research reported the results of a study of the prevalence of dysmenorrhea among 408 biological menstruating women. 

84.1% of those women noted that they had had cramps at one time or another. These cramps can be very mild or very intense. Sometimes, though, there are things you can do to ease this pain, like using heating pads. 

Another 2018 review of small clinical trials demonstrated that heat therapy was more effective than analgesic medications and conventional treatment methods in alleviating menstrual pain. 

We’ve handpicked the best, comfiest heating pads for period cramps and will review them one by one below. 

Therabody RecoveryTherm Hot Vibration Back and Core

RecoveryTherm combines the power of heat therapy and advanced vibration to help alleviate the discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.

Heating Pad for period cramps
Image Source: Beurer


The device is equipped with multiple vibration settings designed to target different muscle groups and provide varying intensity levels. Such vibrations work through your muscles, breaking up adhesions and knots, reducing pain and improving flexibility.

Customize your recovery session via RecoveryTherm’s intuitive control panel, selecting from various heat and vibration settings that match your current needs. 

This heating pad contours your body’s natural curves, ensuring maximum muscle contact for the most effective treatment. Also, it’s lightweight and portable, so you can use it while cuddled up at home or chasing your goals outdoors. 

Beurer EM50 Menstrual Relax

Beurer EM50 Menstrual Relax is a soothing and gentle solution to ease your menstrual discomfort and bring you the tranquillity you desire during your cycle. 

The Beurer EM50 is powered by TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to deliver mild electrical impulses to the affected area. 

These impulses help to block pain signals from reaching the brain, promoting a sensation of serenity and calm throughout your body.

It also has 15 adjustable TENS intensities, allowing you to find the perfect temperature to soothe your aching muscles. 

Rediscover peace of mind in the EM50’s 320 mAh rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable. These thoughtful features keep the device functioning, so you’re never caught off guard by an army of period cramps. 

In addition, Beurer EM50 has been used and preferred by 80% of women in a private Institut Prof. Kurscheid study

Myoovi Kit

The Myoovi Kit is a must-have for anyone who wants to stop period pain in its tracks.

Myoovi Kit
Image Source: Myoovi

It includes two butterfly devices that you place on your lower abdomen, which create a gentle but powerful vibration that relaxes your uterus and sends it into a deep state of rest. The result? You’ll feel like floating on a cloud while the pain slowly disappears.

The kit also includes a storage pouch, instructional manual, and USB charging cable.

Livia Period Pain Relief Device

Livia entered our list as a beacon of hope, expertly engineered to combat the dreaded cramps that plagued many. 

Livia Period Pain Relief Device
Image Source: Amazon

With its sleek design and compact size, it’s a discreet companion, always ready to be by your side when you need it most.

Utilizing its innovative Gate Control Theory and TENS technology, Livia successfully intercepts pain signals transmitted to the abdominal nerves, providing the menstruating individual with much-needed respite.

Even in your darkest moments, know you can rely on your colorful Livia heat pad to turn the tide and help you regain control. The Livia kit also comes with a 3-month supply of sticky gel pads, but you’ll need to purchase more over time. 

Get Rael Heating Patch

This non-medicated patch offers a tender embrace, surrounding you with a cocoon of comfort during your delicate time.

Heating Pads for period cramps
Image Source: Get Rael

Fortified with the healing properties of lavender, rosemary, and lemon balm, each Heating Patch calms your senses and eases muscle tension. 

The patch’s innovative design ensures a gentle, even heat distribution, melting away the pain and allowing you to reconnect with your inner peace.

Its ultra-thin, pliable material melds seamlessly with your body, providing a discreet and unobtrusive solution that accompanies you throughout your daily activities. 

With up to 8 hours of continuous warmth, this loving buddy supports you during the day and cradles you all night. Although it’s not recommended for on-skin use, you can place it over your underwear. 

Vush Aura Period Pain Relief Device

Period pain has long been accepted as an unwelcome guest. But Vush Aura empowers you to banish the agony to a distant memory.

Best heating pads for period cramps
Image Source: Vush

Aura’s intelligent TENS design employs gentle yet effective vibrations to target and calm the source of your discomfort. 

Experience a cascade of relief wash over you as the device’s tender embrace massages away the torment of cramps.

Adjust the intensity of the vibrations to your liking. Then, let the symphony of relief serenade your body into a state of pure, unadulterated bliss.

You can wear your Vush Aura Period Pain Relief Device directly on your skin for up to five hours at a stretch. 

Maia for Period Cramps

Many heating pads for period cramps claim to combine the best of both worlds, but only Maia lives up to this claim. 

Maia for Period Cramps
Image Source: Maia

Providing heat and massage therapies, Maia applies heat to ureteral muscles, relaxing them and increasing blood flow to the abdomen and other regions affected by cramps. 

Maia also kneads the skin around the site of pain like an expert masseuse, making that area less bloated and inflamed. When your muscles are so massaged, your body releases endorphins, which induces happiness. 

For mild pain, Maia’s silent setting works well. Switch to heat + deep massage or heat + gentle massage if those menstrual cramps get extra hostile. 

When fully charged, this tool lasts for 2 to 3 hours. 

Cora Heat Relief Patch 

Meet the Cora Heat Relief Patch – your new best friend for on-the-go period pain relief! 

Cora Heat Relief patch
Image Source: Amazon

Cora’s self-adhesive design ensures a secure and hassle-free application. Simply peel and stick it on the affected area, and you’re good to go. 

Its flexible and super-thin feel allows it to hug your body, offering surplus comfort without getting in your way.

Packed with natural pain-relieving ingredients like dandelion root, cramp bark, and raspberry leaf, this patch offers a warm sensation that penetrates deep into your muscles.

Worried about the heat lasting long enough? No need. The Cora Heat Relief Patch’s controlled-release technology guarantees up to 8 hours of consistent, therapeutic heat. 

Cora patches are much cheaper than other options in this round-up. However, they’re non-rechargeable and can be used only once — perfect for travel. 

SacksyThyme Unscented Heating Pad

SacksyThyme pad comes neither cold nor hot but can be microwaved or frozen, depending on how you want your pain relieved. 

If you have menstrual cramps, you’ll want to heat the SacksyThyme pad for 90 seconds and place it on your abdomen, back, or any aching area. 

The pad contains flaxseed and cherry pits encased in a 100% cotton material and is pretty wide and flexible. 

Buehuo Portable Electric Heating Pad

Buehuo Pad’s soft, plush exterior feels gentle against your skin, while its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Best heating pads for period cramps
Image Source: Amazon

One of the standout features of the Buehuo Portable Electric Heating Pad is its adjustable heat settings. 

With multiple temperature levels, you can easily customize the warmth according to your needs and preferences. The heating pad also features an automatic shut-off function, providing safety and peace of mind.

Plug it into a power source, select your desired heat setting, and let the heating pad work magic. 

The rapid heating technology ensures that the pad reaches your preferred temperature quickly, providing instant relief from muscle aches and discomfort.

UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad

What sets the UTK Heating Pad apart from the competition is its incorporation of natural jade and tourmaline stones. These stones are rich in trace elements and capable of generating negative ions. Together, they raise the bar of what a heating pad can do.

Image Source: Amazon

The UTK Heating Pad’s crowning achievement is its pioneering far-infrared technology. This advanced technology is designed to reach your tissues, warming them inside and out. 

It also features a digital controller that allows you to customize the heat level. 

However, the pad’s large size, while meant to cover a substantial area of the body, can be cumbersome and challenging to maneuver, especially for those seeking targeted relief. 


Although they vary in price, quality, and size, the best heating pads have many things in common. They are designed to offer comfort and ease period cramps. They can be used at home, while traveling, or at work.

In any case, we recommend speaking to your OB-GYN before trying any heating pad and making sure any discomfort is due to your cramps in the first place.