5 home workout equipment that will not take up much space

On days when you feel a little tired to get out of the house but still want to squeeze in a workout, or do not have to time to travel down to your gym, home workouts are great for that! As some do not have enough space for bigger equipment like an indoor bike or workout bench at home, here are 5 home workout equipment which will not take up too much space and can be easily kept away in a shelf or under your bed.

We will share 5 home workout equipment and some workouts you can achieve with each and how easy they are for you to get a good workout in your cosy home. Lastly, we will also recommend some online videos for you to follow so that you can conveniently bookmark and start once you have the equipment.

What are you waiting for, plug in some good music and you are ready to go!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the more popular affordable workout equipment, which comes in various types, addressing a wide range of motion.

The most common, loop bands are flat, circular bands that come in various resistance levels. They can be used for exercises that target the lower body, such as glute bridges, squats, and lunges while tube and figure-eight bands can be used to target upper and lower body exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg curls, chest presses and shoulder raises.

Lastly, there are therapy bands which are flat and often used for physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. They can be used for both upper and lower body exercises.

Resistance Bands are great for those looking to build muscle strength and tone their body. It can also help with flexibility where it is commonly used for stretching.

There is a wide range of resistance band workouts online for you can choose from. From pilates with resistance bands to full body strength workouts such as the below.

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Jump Rope

Another home favourite, especially during COVID, is the jump rope. Jump ropes are small and lightweight, making them a portable and convenient exercise tool that you can take anywhere; they are an effective and efficient exercise at the comfort of your home, or anywhere really. Even if you do not have one at home, you can easily make one with some rubber bands.

With an unobstructed ceiling, you can get a good high-intensity workout with your jump rope as not only does it improve cardiovascular health by high-intensity, it helps you burn calories and promote weight loss by increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

Jumping rope requires a lot of energy and endurance, and regular practice can help build endurance and stamina of the body over time. It may seem easy but jumping rope requires a great deal of coordination between your hands and feet. This in turn can improve your overall balance and coordination.

Before you first jump rope exercise, it is important to get your form right as well. Do make sure that you are not putting unnecessary pressure onto your knees and wrists, especially if you plan to do it often.

Online you can find jump rope videos that are tabata style, mixed with HIIT workouts or ones that teach you some tricks!


Exercise Mat

Does this need an introduction? An exercise mat is such a good gym workout equipment to have as it helps with stabalising your body firmly to the ground, and acts as a cushion to reduce impact on your joints.

It can be used for a wide range of exercises, including yoga, Pilates, stretching, and bodyweight exercises (i.e sit ups, push ups, mountain climbers, crunches). You can also put your mat out when doing weight training as it acts as a cushion for them.

Essentially, a good exercise mat is a must have as it provides a non-slip, cushioned surface which can help improve flexibility, range of motion, and prevent injury.

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Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are good to have in your home as there are a variety of things you can do with it. Made of rubber or vinyl, they come in a range of weights from a few pounds to over 100 pounds.

A common workout is the medicine ball twist where you are required to twist the upper body from side to side, engaging the core muscles and improving rotational stability.

As you would not want to wake your neighbours with medicine ball slams and wall throws, you can get a good workout with overhead throws where you engage your shoulders, arms and core. Most would also add a squat when receiving the ball to had lower body movement.

The Medicine ball can also be used for floor work such as push ups and overhead sit ups. You can also hold the ball up while doing crunches or V-ups.

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Foam Roller

Lastly, we added this in as an equipment as we feel it is a necessity to have, both for a workout and a good stretch after all your other workouts.

You can get a good cool down stretch from a foam roller as it reduces muscle soreness by targeting specific areas, improves flexibility and range of motion by releasing tight muscles and reducing muscle tension, and most importantly, prevents injury which can decrease the risk of strains, sprains, and other injuries.

It can also be used for workouts such as pilates and yoga. Foam rollers is used to engage the core muscles, particularly for exercises that require stabilisation and control.

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Post Image: Anna Shvets