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Squirting involves pressure and pain — although experts advise those eager to know how to make someone squirt to minimize the latter. It could be pressure from your partner, with or without a penis, to make you squirt. 

Other times, the pressure comes from watching intensely satisfying squirting scenes on replay and a pent-up desire to experience that same heavenly level of pleasure for yourself. 

Whichever way the pressure hits you, dear reader, is less important. We’re here to show you how to make someone squirt in seven easy steps. That person could be anyone — including you. 

What Is Squirting?

Squirting, also known as female ejaculation (FE), is the release of fluid from the female prostate gland near the urethra. This fluid can vary in consistency, color, and quantity and is often released during sexual stimulation. 

About 10 to 54 percent of women squirt during sex, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

The exact composition of the fluid is still a topic of debate, but it is generally believed to be a combination of urine and other fluids produced by Skene’s glands.

Debates aside, there’s no assurance that everyone with a vulva will squirt at least once in their lifetime. Studies on the subject involved less than 1 000 participants, so data obtained from these studies reflect the realities of a very small percentage of the global female population. 

At least people have squirted, so there’s hope for anyone set on mastering how to make someone squirt. Let’s help you manifest that hope. 

How to Make Someone Squirt

Get in the mood

This step applies to all sexual and near-sexual encounters, including kissing. If you find it harder to be aroused because of the solid connection between your mind and body, it may help to mentally prepare yourself for what’s about to happen. 

Of course, your route to getting in the mood depends on whether you seek an enhanced solo sexual experience or want a richer sexual session with your partner.

Try listening to songs that bring out the sexually confident side of you. Pamper yourself, perhaps go to a spa or take a psychedelic coffee drink on the rocks. 

How to make someone squirt pamper yourself
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If you’ll witness the wonders of squirting with a partner, spice up the hours leading to the act. You don’t have to plan a romantic party to get them in on the game. 

You can talk to them, so you know where they stand on the squirting field and follow up with a random text that’ll make them blush. This is the part where you exercise extra care, as you don’t want your partner or yourself to treat the G-spot as if you’re pushing buttons on a remote control. 

Sex toys, anyone?

Sex toys have had their fair share of shaming from people who felt they existed to make humans feel less capable of stimulating their bodies. However, it takes much skill and experience to manipulate sexual organs to yield desired results. 

And that’s why G-spot vibrators are the ultimate rescuers in this scenario. A typical G-spot sex toy has a curved tip, which you can insert into the vagina at an angle titled towards the belly button. 

WebMD found that these toys can hasten your journey on how to make someone squirt. So is this a go-ahead to find the best G-spot vibrators? Not so fast. Some people’s vulvas are sensitive to G-spot sex toys. 

If you’re playing this squirting game with a partner, it would be helpful to check in with them first. This helps you know if they’re comfortable with the idea. 

Prepare the Space

During female ejaculation, the vagina produces about 0.3 to 150 ml of fluid. So if these tips on how to make someone squirt work for you, there’ll be anything from a few drops of fluid — just enough to form a wet patch — to a full cup of (yep, you guessed it)vaginal wetness. 

Sex ambassadors recommend placing a protective sheet over the bed if you’re worried about the volume of fluid traumatizing the bed for the rest of its lifespan. Can’t afford a $100-plus sheet? Try substituting it with a stack of thick, plush towels. 

Alternatively, you can move the whole act to the bathroom or wherever you can get wet within your home. This option allows you to succeed faster but is less convenient than sticking to the bedroom. 


It doesn’t matter whether the squirting takes place in the bedroom, restroom, or out in the rain during hot and heavy sex like the kind Bridgerton plays out. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re the one making someone squirt or the one being made to squirt. If you don’t relax, the entire process may feel like a chore. 

So how do you relax? Honestly, it’s up to you. While putting a slow R&B track on replay and teasing the pelvic area with an ice cube might work for some, having a positive mindset may be the answer for others. 

Arouse the body

We respect any woman who has no issues getting weak in the knees when you slide two digits into their vagina. However, the larger crop of females needs up to 20 minutes of prep time to get in the zone. 

This means whenever you practice how to make someone squirt, you’re not just getting their G-spot ready. You’re bringing some foreplay into the mix. 

Arousing erogenous body parts causes the brain to send signals to the vagina to prepare it for what will happen. As a result, blood rushes to the sexual organ, and its walls and clitoris swell. What follows is the production of lubricating fluid by certain glands in the vagina, making it wet. 

If you’re having trouble achieving enough wetness, don’t be shy to whip out some lube. 

Take your position

Making yourself squirt is easier done while sitting with your legs spread apart. How to make someone squirt during couple sex is a whole different ball game. 

Are you a male or using a dildo? Lay on your back while your partner “mounts” your body, with their legs planted on either side of your lower hips. This position christened the “reverse cowgirl” or “reverse rider” gives you a premium view of your partner’s posterior.  

If you’re looking to squirt and your partner is a male, recreate the reverse cowgirl with you on top. 

If your partner uses a dildo, take the top while they take the bottom. And if you’re feeling generous, you can switch positions afterward. 

Can’t reverse-ride anyone yet? Try the “doggy” style

Stimulate that G-spot

The G-spot, or “G-area,” exists 1.5 to 3 inches up the front vaginal wall. This position of the G-spot varies from woman to woman. To find it, feel your way up the wall until your finger or fingers land on a rubbery, slippery area. It contains many erectile tissues 

Then, press two fingers into the spot. Focus on applying enough pressure than up-and-down movements while paying attention to other sensitive body parts. 


Before putting any guide on how to make someone squirt to work, consider familiarizing yourself with their body and checking in with them during the act to ensure they’re not left out of the pleasure. And don’t neglect the lube!