One thing’s on your mind: how to prepare for anal sex. Anal. Sex. You’ll finally know what it’s like to be filled with your partner’s cock. Its tip will be smooth as butter, glistening with precum, taking you from behind. From your ass. Or maybe you’re the one doing the filling. 

So you wring your moist palms, half-excited and half-scared. You count down from 100 to 1 or doing whatever calms you when you’re so anxious that you think you’ll fall sick. 

It’s okay to feel that way. What’s not okay is to skip knowing how to prepare for anal sex and go straight to messing up your partner’s butt. In this post, you’ll discover how to prepare for anal sex. 

Please grab a notepad.

Sex Ed

There are some things you can’t afford not to know. For example, preparing for anal sex is as essential for your comfort as pleasure. Unless your partner has a real dick, doesn’t wear a condom over it, and you have a vulva and are fertile, the chances of a fetus blossoming in your uterus after an anal screw are very slim. 

On the other end of this chessboard, called anal sex, it’s too easy to contract sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if you don’t prepare for anal sex or switch from anal to vaginal or oral without cleanups in between. 

Also, you don’t have to be afraid of mistakenly popping poop on your partner’s penis or penetrating instrument because your rectum, which is the organ next to your anus, is usually empty. It only houses fecal matter offloaded from the large intestine when you’re actually ready to discharge. 

We’ve published a really long article full of all the kinky facts about anal and other types of sex. How about you check that out? 

Get Lube

Many awful sexual encounters could’ve been saved if only Dr Lube were in the room. Also known as a personal lubricant, lube is a gel-like, slimy liquid applied to the genitals and erotic regions of the body. 

Its main mission is to decrease friction between body parts or sex toys sliding against each other. These could be a penis into a vagina or anus or fingers around a cock, in a vagina, or over butt cheeks and breasts. 

If you or your partner is wet enough, you can have all the vaginal sex you want without lube. However, lube is one of the main players in anal sex. 

For those unaware, three classes of lube exist, grouped according to their bases. The base of a lube is its primary ingredient. They are: oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. 


Water-based lubricants are made from water, glycerin, and other ingredients that make them slippery without being sticky.

They are usually thinner than oil-based lubricants and are often used in place of saliva because they provide more lubrication. 

Water-based lubes are safe to use with condoms because they don’t contain any oil or silicone that could break down the protective barrier of a condom. 

These also wash off easily with soap and water. However, they can dry out quickly if not replaced regularly during intercourse.


Oil-based personal lubricants are pretty much what they sound like—lubes made from vegetable-based oil such as coconut or olive oil or have oils as an ingredient. 

They’re generally thicker and stickier than silicone or water-based lubes, and they’re great for things like anal sex, where you’ll want a lube that stays put. For most people, this means no additional reapplication is necessary during sex.

Oil-based personal lubricants are also helpful if you have sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients. They’re not latex safe, but they can be used with non-latex condoms.

The downside of oil-based lubes is that they can leave stains on sheets and fabric, so if you’re just looking for something to use during sex in the bedroom, it’s probably better to go with the others. 


A silicone-based personal lubricant is a type of lubricant that uses silicone as its base.

Silicone-based lubricants are great for use with sex toys or if you’re in the market for a new lube. They typically have a very slippery feel and can last for longer than water-based or oil-based lubes—great for lengthy sessions!

They tend to be more expensive than water-based or oil-based products, but they’re worth it because they’re so much better at preventing breakouts and irritation when used internally.

Empty Your Bowels

We’re talking to anyone dreaming about anal sex, notwithstanding what your genitals look like. 

If you’re feeling sluggish or unwell, that might mean getting rid of some food in your colon. Take care of business before you get busy with your partner.

When you’re constipated, your rectum can become very hard and tight. This can cause pain during sex and make it uncomfortable for your partner to enter you.

Besides, it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you feel like you have to rush or hold back because of a full bowel or bladder. 

But with your bowels emptied, there won’t be any unpleasant odors or surprises waiting for your S.O., and you might have one of your best orgasms yet. 

Cleaning Down There

The anus is the opening to the rectum and is located between the buttocks. It’s surrounded by a ring of muscles called anal sphincter muscles, which control bowel movements.

This organ has many functions, such as eliminating waste from your body and protecting against bacteria and germs from entering your body through the rectum.

You may have noticed that the skin around your anus is darker than other areas of your body, and that’s because it does not get as much exposure to sunlight as other areas do.

However, this anus is super sensitive to touch because there are many nerve endings around it. That’s why, despite its many peculiarities and reputation for being a dirt carrier, it’s among the favorite holes for penetration. 

As your brain awakens your body to the call of anal sex, it’s easy to forget about your anus and its hygiene. But for the love of all things horny, don’t. 

Cleaning your anus is a necessary phase of the journey to utterly beautiful butt sex, and we recommend the following methods:


Take a shower with warm water and soap. This will help loosen things up and make it easier to clean yourself thoroughly without getting injured or harming yourself in the process.


Use an enema kit to flush out any leftover waste inside your rectum. 

Choose one made from high-quality silicone because it will last longer than other materials like rubber or latex. These can degrade over time due to exposure to moisture from hot showers and other bodily fluids such as urine. 


Use a moist towelette with pre-moistened cleansing wipes designed specifically for use around the anus. These wipes will not only cleanse but also deodorize and moisturize.

Washing the anus only

With mild soap and warm water, gently wash the outside of the anus. Do not use harsh soaps or scented products on your anus, as they can irritate or burn the skin around it, which could lead to infection or irritation.

Rinse well after washing with soap and water and pat dry with a clean or paper towel. Do not use toilet paper as it may cause irritation or scratching of the skin around your anus.


Another option is to use a personal bidet attachment. It’s attached to your toilet bowl and sprays water at your anus when you go to the bathroom, which helps to keep it clean without having to do any manual scrubbing yourself. 

However, bidets can be expensive and may require some installation work. 

Clean Your Sex Toys

Sex toys are almost always the answer to a puzzling, dry sex life, but they’re not the most hygienic things in the universe.

While some people have no problem abandoning their favorite vibrator or dildo in one corner of their drawers to be brought out when they’re ready to bang, that isn’t healthy. 

Bacteria can live on anything touched by human skin (yup—including the anus). And this can be a problem if you use those same toys for vaginal or anal penetration without cleaning them first.

Some people prefer to clean their toys with soap and water, but that may not be enough for some toys made from materials (such as silicone). 

If your toy is made of silicone or another porous material, tidy it up with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner before and after using it for any kind of sex. Including anal. 

If you have multiple toys, consider using a disinfectant wipe or spray on them before mobilizing them for the big A session. 

Masturbate through Your Anus

If you’re trying anal sex for the first time, you may be nervous and not really sure if you should go for it. To assess your receptiveness of objects by your ass (if you’re the receiving partner), experiment with anal sex toys before the real deal. 

Here’s some hot advice from a Quora user: 

Start with a tapered-tip, medium to a small-sized toy that excites you and makes you want to pleasure yourself anally.

There are some sex toys available on the market today that can help you “train” your anal sphincter and get it used to receive stimulation. These training kits come in many shapes, sizes, materials and pleasures. 

Considering there are anal toys from 3” to 13.5” in length out there, you have to learn what your limit is. How do you do that? You experiment safely with toys of various sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

When you are using “anal” sex toys, you will notice there are key features of that toy. The tips are tapered, easily inserted and removed. 

The bases are flared, which allows you to play deeply without getting stuck. The materials are usually silicone, metal or glass, which is the most hygienic.

Anal toys come in different styles:

  • Anal Beads: A string of beads that are attached. The entire string gets placed in the anus, and upon orgasm, you remove the beads for an extra boost of pleasure.
Anal beads/ Image Source: iStock
  • Butt Plug: As described above, the plug has a smaller tip and flared base. Most are shaped like a spade. These plugs are easy to insert and keep in place because of their shapes.
Pink magnetic pink anal plug/ Image Source: iStock
  • Anal Probe: This can be a vibrating or non-vibrating type, but probes are for prostate stimulation. They usually have a 4-6” in length shaft and sometimes provide dual stimulation to both the prostate and perineum, such a delightful way to orgasm.

If you like anal with a male partner, then you can also try a dildo to self-satisfy. Since it mimics the look and feel of a real penis, it might be along the same lines of pleasure. The only difference is that you will be in control. 

So you can test your limits to see what rocks your boat.

As we all know, advice is one thing, while practice is another. To learn how to have anal sex, head to this article.  

How to Prepare for Anal Sex: Shower with Your Partner

One awesome Quoran provides feedback on how it feels to hop in the shower with one’s partner, and no words can capture it any better:

Showering together is outstanding foreplay. Getting each other lathered up ALL over, very slowly, then rinse each other off. 

By the time that is done, and a bit more playing and so on, both of us would be too hot to do anything but have some squeaky clean sex. Often more than one round, and not necessarily in the bedroom. 

At one time or another, we used in every room in the house, plus the backyard, a couple of times, very late at night. Highly recommend that everyone try this.