KOS Organic Plant Protein: our unbiased review

We have reviewed KOS’ gummies range, and because their packaging were just too attractive, we found ourselves scrolling through other products to see what we can add to our cart.

Of course we stopped at the word Chocolate. With its good reviews, we were curious to see how chocolate-y this one can be, and with some powdered protein, will this give an odd aftertaste? Let’s see what KOS Organic Plant Protein, Chocolate is like.


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Packaging Rating: 8/10 (Top Zip lock, entire product stands firm when there is product/weight in it)

Taste Rating: 11/10 (Tastes just like a chocolate shake!)

Convenience Rating: 7/10 (May not be convenient to carry around)

Made with: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Alkalized Cocoa, Organic Flax Seed, Natural Chocolat Flavour, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Fruit and Veggie Blend and others

Good for: A meal replacement option, packed with plant protein sources and whole food vitamins. And of course, a chocolate tasting protein powder.

Recommended intake: 2 scoops with 8-10 fluid ounces

Price: $42.49 (Excluding delivery)

About KOS

KOS pronounced as K-AW-SS, is a brand of plant-based nutritional supplements which ‘supports your journey – transition, at your own pace – into a plant-centric nourishment lifestyle’ by promoting balance. Its superfoods are packaged both attractively and effectively, ultimately aiming to provide ‘vibrant, sustainable, organic health and well-being’ around.

The Product: Ingredients and Benefits

Made with Organic Pea protein, flax seed protein, quinoa protein, pumpkin seed protein and chia seed protein, this product has more packed that you can ever imagine.

It uses natural ingredients such as organic coconut which offers a good does of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and others. It is a healthy alternative to processed sweeteners.

Popular in Southeast Asia, the organic monk fruit is another natural ingredient you can find in the product. Like stevia, it is a another alternative to sugar and have been used as medical remedies for centuries.

This chocolate shake also has KOS Plant Protein, which contains whole food vitamins such as zinc oxide.

Photo: kos.com

Testing the Product: Packaging and Taste Test

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KOS’ Organic Plant Protein introduced a new packaging to its product, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is presented in recycled material bags with a ziplock closure at the top. The interlocking mechanism of the ziplock packaging creates an airtight seal that helps to preserve the freshness and quality of the contents inside. This makes it ideal for storing the protein powder as they are needed to be kept dry. This said, it can however may not be completely leak-proof.

The bag is held down by the weight of the product, the bag would be lighter when you are reaching the end of the product. As such, you would need to lean it against something else to keep it up right and standing.

Taste Test

Though the product is chocolate flavoured, it does not taste like a thick chocolate shake. This is understandable as the product is a protein shake which has other ingredients in it. We would say that it tastes better than other protein powders on the market and mixes will with liquid. It does not leave chunks of power at the end and remains easy to drink.

Some may use this powder in a smoothie to achieve a thicker consistency, and flavour the smoothie with this rich protein.

There is no chalk or chemical after taste to the product and leaves you feeling like you just had some light chocolate mik.

The product contains tree nuts (coconuts), and is made in a facility that may also process eggs, tree nuts, sesame, peanuts, fish, crustaceans, shellfish, and wheat products.

What others say about the product?

‘tastes good and hides veggies’ – iherb customer

‘if you’re a chocolate person then this is for you. Way better than other makers’ – iherb customer

Summary: Should you get yourself KOS Organic Plant Protein, Chocolate?

We side the reviews that are online. It is true that these might be one of the nicer tasting chocolate plant protein on the shelves. This said, some may prefer a different packaging where the product can steadily stand on its own.

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