Top 10 Liquid Coffee Concentrate Brands in the USA

Oh, you thought you knew coffee? Think again. We’re diving deep into the caffeinated world of the best liquid coffee concentrates in the USA. Trust us, your mornings are about to get a whole lot better. 

For those yet to join the ride, liquid coffee concentrate is a concentrated form of the brewed beverage. It’s an extract from ground coffee beans. 

The concentrate is mixed with water, milk, or ice to make a drink. The amount of either diluent needed depends on how strong you want your coffee to be. 

So, buckle up and get ready, because we’re revealing the top 10 liquid coffee concentrate brands that’ll summon your inner barista. 

Wandering Bear Coffee Concentrate

This unsweetened coffee concentrate is crafted with organic beans, handpicked from the lush landscapes of Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua. 

Image Source: Wandering Bear

Besides, the smooth, full-bodied taste of Wandering Bear’s signature cold brew, available on tap in a generous 96 fl oz container, captivates the heart of the hardest to please. 

Whether you’re a fan of classic, vanilla, caramel, or other enticing flavors, Wandering Bear Coffee Concentrate makes your mind wander around the streets of caffeine. 

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate

If you’re a coffee enthusiast seeking a simple yet satisfying solution to enjoying a delicious cup of cold brew at home, Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate is here to save the day. 

Liquid Coffee Concentrate
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

This 32 oz jug of coffee concentrate offers you the convenience of a ready-to-mix cold brew without sacrificing taste or quality.

To enjoy, simply mix 1 part concentrate with 2 parts water or milk, depending on your personal preference. 

Whether you prefer it over ice or blended into a creamy concoction, this versatile concentrate allows you to customize your cold brew experience to your liking.

Java House Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Step right up and feel the heat of Java House Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, a smoldering sensation that’s ready to set your coffee game aflame. 

Liquid Coffee Concentrate
Image Source: Java House

This bottle of liquid gold is crafted for the true coffee connoisseurs who crave an intense, full-bodied experience that’s as fiery as their passion for the perfect cup of joe.

Ready to feel the burn? Rise like a phoenix and let Java House Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate fuel your journey towards coffee nirvana. 

Speaking of nirvanas, we have some terrific mushroom drink recommendations that can take you to heaven and back. 

Grady’s Nola Cold Brew Concentrate

Grady’s Nola Cold Brew Concentrate undergoes a meticulous 20-hour cold brewing process that incorporates chicory and an exclusive mix of spices. 

Grady's Nola
Image Source: Grady’s Nola

This laborious technique yields a velvety-smooth and flavorful concentrate that can be combined with milk or water to create your desired coffee experience. 

Manufactured in The Bronx, New York, Grady’s liquid coffee concentrate demonstrates a commitment to quality and authenticity. The manual brewing and bottling process ensures that each batch preserves the essence of New Orleans-style.

Intelligentsia Oat Latte

Intelligentsia Oat Latte is a lusciously smooth and vegan-friendly beverage made from oat milk and cold coffee.

Intelligentsia Oat Latte
Image Source: Intelligentsia

The latte, available in the cozy Original and the warmly Spiced flavors, presents a delightful alternative for those seeking a non-dairy indulgence. 

Original whispers sweet nothings of sugar cookies and molasses, while the Spiced serenades you with cinnamon, ginger, orange, and vanilla notes. 

What about the oat milk? It comes from finely ground oats and water. When combined with espresso, it transforms into Intelligentsia Oat Latte. Enjoy hot or iced. 

Not a milk fan? Keep your day classy with black microdose coffee.

Coffee Bros Dark Espresso Roast Coffee

Do you want to perfect your espresso shot? Coffee Bros got you. 

Coffee Bros
Image Source: Coffee Bros

The source of this liquid coffee concentrate is 100% Arabica beans, grown in Brazil and Ethiopia, roasted to bring out vibrant flavors that are perfect for milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

The blend features a mashup of dark chocolate and subtle red fruit sweetness, for a truly unforgettable taste experience.

Califia Farms Pure Black Iced Coffee

Califia Farms Pure Black Iced Coffee has its roots in ethically sourced, 100% Arabica beans. During brewing, the beans retain their smooth, bold flavor. They also become less acidic, resulting in a clean and satisfying taste that true coffee lovers will appreciate.

One of the best things about Califia Farms Pure Black Iced Coffee is its convenience. It comes pre-packaged in a sleek, recyclable bottle. This is why it’s perfect for those busy mornings or on-the-go afternoons when you need a quick caffeine boost. 

Plus, it’s unsweetened, which means you have complete control over the sweetness and flavor profile.

Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is an exquisite, artisanal coffee liqueur that aligns the bold flavors of premium coffee with the smoothness of fine spirits. 

Liquid Coffee Concentrates
Image Source: Conker

The foundation of Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur lies in its carefully selected coffee beans sourced from Brazil and Ethiopia. 

Conker skillfully roasts these beans to enhance their unique flavor profiles, creating a rich and complex taste. 

Production takes the cold brewing route, ensuring a smoother, less acidic, and more concentrated coffee flavor compared to traditional hot brewing techniques.

Once the cold brew coffee is prepared, it blends with a high-quality British wheat spirit, demerara sugar, and a touch of natural vanilla. 

Sip this liqueur neat, pour it over ice, or mix into a wide range of cocktails. If you like Conker, you’ll love these psychedelic coffee drinks

Derw Coffee 

Derw brews this concentrate for 16 hours, which allows the coffee beans to release their natural aroma. 

DERW Coffee
Image Source: Derw

Finally, the coffee is ready to be served over ice, mixed in cocktails or used in cooking.

Jot Ultra Dark Coffee

Jot Ultra Dark Coffee is a more intense and stronger version of Jot’s original coffee concentrate, which is 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee. 

Jot Ultra Dark Coffee
Image Source: Jot

It’s deeper, woody, syrupy, chicory-ish, similar to New Orleans-style, and one tablespoon of it makes a full cup of coffee. 

How to Make Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Making cold brew coffee is a simple process that takes just a few minutes, and can be done at home. The end result is an incredibly flavorful liquid coffee concentrate that you’ll be able to use in all kinds of different drinks.

  • First, grind your coffee beans to a medium-fine consistency (not too fine, or it won’t brew well).
  • Next, place the ground coffee into a large container and add cold water. Stir the mixture until the grounds are completely submerged in the water.
  • Then, cover the container and let steep overnight at room temperature (72 degrees F).
  • Pour through a filter to remove the grounds and enjoy!