Lorna Jane Compress & Compact workout sports bra. Is it good for you?

We are starting our activewear review series with Lorna Jane’s Compress & Compact Sports Bra. How is its material, does it hold well for your HIIT workouts, or perhaps more suitable for a yoga session? We have tried it out and here is what we think of it.

But first, a quick background of who is Lorna Jane and what is so special about the brand?

Founded in 1990, Lorna Jane Clarkson and her husband started their athletic apparel brand, Lorna Jane. They are headquartered in Brisbane, and produce a wide range of activewear-related apparels such as tights, sports bras, workout tops, pants and jackets. What makes the brand Lorna Jane special is its Love Bead which can be found sewn on every clothing piece. It is a gentle reminder to its consumers that the piece is ‘made with love’. Lorna Jane apparel are available worldwide on their online store.

Why do we love it?

As we know that quality and material of an outfit can affect your workout, we would like to share how we feel about LJ Compress & Compact sports bra first. We ordered their chocolate and titanium coloured ones and at first touch, can say that it is of really good quality. The sports bra is thick with strong padding, has both a buckle and hook at the back, and thick straps on the shoulders and around the ribcage.

There are a few things I love about this piece and found myself reaching out for it for most of my spin sessions:

  1. A 3 hook buckle and how secure it felt.
  2. Sports bra remained firm on my body throughout because of the thick straps and band around the ribs.
  3. After a sweaty session, I was able to unhook and remove the bra so effortlessly.
  4. The bra is versatile. Its straps can be worn straight or clipped together into a racerback style, for more freedom of movement across the shoulder blades.
  5. Its straps are adjustable hence can be tighter if you want.
  6. Polyester and Elastane blend which gives some stretch yet still remain fitted.
  7. Perfect for running, spin, HIIT workouts.

Fit & Workouts

The sports bra sits nicely on the body and was evidently very secured. With its power mesh, the bra holds the bust in place and significantly reduces movement. As for the back, it does not hug the back fats too much, but rather sit nicely across your back and support it with the thick band below. It is good to note that LJ C&C sizing ranges from XS to XXL.

After trying out a few workouts with the bra, we can conclude that it is perfect for running, spin, HIIT workouts. We recommend to wear a buckle-free sports bra top for workouts which require you to lie down on your back. Nevertheless, the material and fit remains the highlight of the sports bra.

Color Options

Good news is that Lorna Jane has so many colours. Follow their website, and you will find yourself spending a few hours just choosing what colour is best for you. Not only do they have their neutral colours, they would also release collections that are bright. Additionally, there are some with patterns! As you can see, you really are spoilt for choice and may end up getting a few for yourself!


The team recommends LJ Compress & Compact sports bra. As its name suggests, it does not fall short on what it was made for and like one of their customer reviews say, ‘(it is a) life changing workout bra’!

So what are you waiting for, are you ready to be spoilt for choice here!

Post Image: Lorna Jane