Review on Lululemon Wunder Under and Wunder Train tights

Lululemon is a well known athleisure brand on the market where they produce quality pieces for everyday wear and workouts. When I got my first pair of Lulu tights, I have to admit that I did not do much research on their options, material and fit, hence was basing it off the recommendation of their store advisors. Long story short, I ended up returning to get myself a different pair, their Wunder Trains, as I did not like the feel of my first pair during my workouts. So here is my review on their 2 tights, Wunder Under and Wunder Trains. I will be sharing on the fit, material and feel specifically when wearing these Lululemon tights in a tropical country.

Fit: Wunder Under vs Wunder Train

After sharing that I usually spin and do HIIT workouts, I was recommended their Wunder Under tights. They felt so good when I pulled them on the first time; the luxtreme material did not feel thick and had enough compression which held everything in place. There was no camel toe situation which I appreciated and it made my glutes look good!

As I said, I did not do prior research, hence I did not know that the WU’s did not have a top band to hold the top in place. I think you would know where this is going. After a few washes and exercises, I found myself having to realign and pull the top part up.

The Wunder Train’s was more high waisted with a rubber around the top part of the tights. These tights felt like it had more compression as compared to the WU’s and was also cooling on the skin. Similar to WU, the Wunder Train’s did not give much camel toe and sat nicely on the thighs and bum. I appreciated the added band around as you definitely felt more in place and secured, as such, I did not have to pull up these Lululemon tights at all.

Material: Wunder Under vs Wunder Train

Wunder Under’s material, Luxtreme is a nylon and elastane blend. Though most of the workouts I do are held indoors with the air conditioner on, there was a significant difference in the feel of the material on my skin when I step out into hot and humid weather. The material was sweat wicking, but I felt the heat in my tights and to a large extent, could feel that it was was not so breathable. The fabric felt stuck to my skin and was not flexible and stretchy even after the perspiration had dried off.

With regard to piling, I did unfortunately experience it on my WU tights. It was not due to a wash but because I was doing leg raises and inverted crunches. The piling was found at the top, back part of my tights and was surprised that that was within my first 3 months of the purchase. On the Lulu site, these tights are recommended for yoga, however I would recommend them for outdoor walks with little to no contact on other surfaces due to its tendency to pile.

The Wunder Train material, Everlux, on the other hand was one that worked out for me and I find myself going back to try their other colours. As they claim, they are cool to touch and I can testify that they definitely dry faster than the WU. Hence, in a hot environment, these tights did not feel restrictive and become cool again once your perspiration has dried off.

The WT tights feels soft and smooth on your skin, yet does not slip and holds everything in place so you do not have to worry about occasionally pulling it up. I have been wearing the tights for more than a year now during my spin sessions, and fortunately I have not experienced any piling.

Summary: Which Lululemon tights do we recommend?

I think the winner here is clear. For training and even rigorous exercises, I would recommend Lululemon’s Wunder Train tights mainly because they remain cool on the skin during and after your workout, and are compressed enough for you to feel confident about yourself.

Image post: Mikhail Nilov