Our unbiased review on Nature's Own Vitamin B3 500mg

I was in a conversation one afternoon and learnt that adding vitamin B3 to your supplement plan can help my body cope with lethargy and tiredness throughout the day. Of course, I immediately went online to search for some options and came across Nature’s Own Vitamin B3 500g.

I purchased 60 tablets and have been consistent with its recommended 1 per day consumption. So here is my review on the product and most importantly, if there was any difference to how I felt.


Nature's Own Vitamin B3 500mg unbiased review
Photo: Nature’s Own

Packaging Rating: 9/10 (Simple, recyclable bottle with turn cap)

Taste Rating: 7/10

Convenience Rating: 10/10 (Light and easy to carry around when travelling)

Made with: Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 500mg.

Good for: Supporting energy levels throughout the day, relieves tiredness and assist metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fats.

Recommended intake: 1 tablet daily.

Price: From $6.50 (Excluding delivery)

*Price may vary

About Nature’s Own

It is shared on their site that Nature’s Own founder, Vaughan Bullivant believed that his daily vitamins played a part in his speedy recovery from a waterskiing accident. With that, the brand was founded in Brisbane and prides themselves in searching for high quality ingredients for its products across the world.

With strict quality control and standards, Nature’s Own is what it is today, one of Australia’s leading vitamin brands.

The Product: Ingredients and Benefits

Each tablet contains 500g nicotinamide (vitamin B3). It is known to benefit the body in several ways such as energy production, maintaining healthy skin, regulating cholesterol levels and others.

Vitamin B3 is a coenzyme that helps convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from the food we eat into energy that our bodies can use. As such, Nature’s Own Vitamin B3 is said to support energy levels and relieve tiredness.

Interestingly, Vitamin B3 can also help improve the skin’s overall appearance by reducing inflammation and redness.

Testing the Product: Packaging and Taste Test


Like with most of Nature’s Own products, this came in a recyclable green bottle with a turn cap. Its tablets have a flat surface but rounded front, hence making it easy to swallow. The bottle is light and easy to carry around, which I appreciated especially when travelling. The cap turns and closes tightly, and there is a desiccant tablet in the bottle to keep the tablets dry. Be careful not to consume it!

Taste Test

As with other tablets, it is downed with water. As such, there is no taste to it. There is also no smell to the tablets, which made it easier to swallow too.

How I felt after a few weeks?

The results did not show immediately, however I slowly started to notice that I was waking up feeling more refreshed in the mornings. Throughout the day, I did not feel as lethargic and the occasional tiredness I felt previously did not hit me as often.

It was a good change, especially when work was getting more demanding. Interestingly, as I did not experience as much fatigue, my eyes were not as puffy in the mornings as well.

Some other customers had also reviewed that ‘(there was) no more fatigue for (her)’Customer on Amazon

Summary: Should you get yourself Nature’s Own Vitamin B3?

With its affordable price, I would recommend this product as it has been effective for me. They are easy to carry around, and easy to swallow tablets, all with it being effective in helping with your energy levels and skin health. I will be purchasing a larger quantity bottle after I am done with this one.

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Post Image: Nature’s Own on Amazon