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Psychedelic coffee drinks? The word “psychedelic” itself carries a sense of mystery and danger, a hint of the unknown lurking just beyond our grasp. It’s a world that few dare to explore, and those who do often find themselves lost in a labyrinth of their mind. The very thought of entering this realm is enough to make one shudder with fear, for the psychedelic is a place where the mind can be both liberated and destroyed. 

Hold on, let’s do that again. 

What Is a Psychedelic Substance?

When a substance is described as “psychedelic,” it’s capable of changing how you perceive your environment, process information, and can alter your mood. Psychedelics include cannabis, ecstasy, ketamine, and LSD. These substances can induce hallucinations and expand the limits of your mind. 

Of course, most psychedelics are illegal in the United States and other countries. So if you’re searching for the best psychedelic coffee drinks, we’ll break the sad news to you: you won’t find any. 

Yes, a few manufacturers of coffee and other drinks claim that their products are psychedelic, but that’s a pure marketing strategy. If you skim the ingredients used to produce these drinks, you won’t find any real psychedelics listed. 

Even if psychedelics were readily available, we wouldn’t advise you to lace your coffee with them. On its own, coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, and combining it with any hard stuff is one of the biggest risks you’ll ever take. 

But the fact that no producer is ready to sneak a shot of cannabis into their drink for fear of prosecution doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the expansion of creativity, relaxation, and calmness that psychedelics provide. 

As always, we’ve gone and beyond to find the very best “psychedelic” drinks on the market. And yes, three of them contain coffee

Best Psychedelic Coffee: Skinni Bean Blue Lotus Flower Instant Coffee

Whenever life doubles down on its not-so-funny dramas, Skinni Bean coffee promises instantaneous relief. And we’re not halfway through this drink’s story. It also contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are the key players in helping humans hasten metabolism, reduce inflammation, and hasten metabolism. 

Besides, grass-fed butter in Skinni Bean coffee assures that it can convert whatever leftover fat is lazing around in the body to fuel, empowering you to challenge and conquer. 

Hats off to the blue lotus extract for housing nuciferine and apomorphine. These compounds are primarily responsible for flipping your mood from unhappy to happy, prompting your muscles to relax. 

Of course, we didn’t forget about the coffee. Manufactured with 100% dark roast arabica coffee beans, this instant drink delivers the full-bodied flavor and slightly smoky finish of coffee but isn’t so acidic that it tastes like dirt. 

Psychedelic coffee Skinni Bean
Source: Skinni Bean


  • Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides to moisten, plumpen, and soften the skin. 
  • Helps with intermittent fasting. 
  • Free delivery within the US. 
  • Doesn’t cause jitters. 
  • Compatible with keto diets. 


  • Not perfect for on-the-go coffee drinkers. 

LBN’s Verdict

The very essence of the lotus flower itself has been infused into this heavenly elixir. One sip sends happy waves through your being!

Blue Lotus Energy Concentrate

Completely sourced from plants, Blue Lotus Energy Concentrate supplies enough adaptogens to get you up and keep you going even when your goals seem further out of reach. 

Although the list of natural adaptogens included in this supplement aren’t provided, we know that they go the extra mile to chase away fatigue and anxiety and put your mind at rest, which is important for improved moods. Moving forward, Lotus Energy sources the caffeine in this concentrate from fresh green and sweetens it with pure cane sugar. 

Enough said — how about you fill that cup with ice nuggets, a little Blue Lotus Concentrate, and sparkling water? If that recipe doesn’t enthuse you, you can still enjoy this psychedelic coffee concentrate with smoothies and syrups. 

Psychedelic coffee Blue Lotus
Source: Lotus Energy


  • One jug makes more than 40 cans of energy drinks at a much cheaper rate. 
  • Mixes with anything. 
  • Vegan-approved. 
  • Contains no gluten. 
  • Get a 20% discount on your first purchase with a special code. 


  • High in calories. 

LBN’s Verdict

You know what made Blue Lotus Energy Concentrate outshine all other alternatives? Customer satisfaction. It has a delicious taste and achieves impressive results, despite its low caffeine composition.

Jimmy Beans Psychedelic Dark Roast Coffee

There’s nothing about Jimmy Beans coffee that qualifies it as psychedelic except its name. That aside, can we spare a second to appreciate the quality of the whole beans used in this product? When you tear the pack open, you can smell their caramel notes. 

Brewing this coffee releases an earthy aroma that justifies the dark roasting of the beans and a taste that makes you wonder why you didn’t find Jimmy Beans sooner. 

Psychedelic coffee Bonbuz
Source: Jimmy Beans


  • Tastes amazing when brewed hot or steeped in ice. 
  • Save 10% on your purchase with a subscription. 

LBN’s Verdict

Love the crispy, crunchy, satisfying snap of graham crackers? What about the sweet, distinctively fruity flavor of blackberry jam? And the woody tinge of cinnamon? If you answered “yes” to all three questions, reserve a spot for Jimmy Beans Psychedelic Dark Roast Coffee in your cart.

De Soi Golden Hour

Even the glass of your best white wine, in all its fruitiness and tanginess, can’t hold its own when stacked against De Soi Golden Hour. First, there’s maca, the “magic root” whose phytochemicals and nutrients stimulate feel-good hormones, in De Soi. 

Then there’s L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea, flying to relax stressed and anxious nerves. While that’s going on, lemon balm, as old as the Middle Ages, enhances appetite and eases pain and discomfort arising from indigestion. Finally, the tea extract included in Golden Hour contains natural caffeine that replenishes energy. 

If this psychedelic sparkling drink doesn’t meet the standards of your palette, rev it up with De Soi’s signature Rosemary’s Baby recipe

Source: De Soi


  • Non-alcoholic. 
  • Vegan and gluten-free. 
  • Low in calories. 
  • Can be enjoyed with food or snacks, like any other drink. 


  • Carbonated. 
  • Contains added sugars. 
  • Expensive. 

LBN’s Verdict 

Almost everything about De Soi Golden Hour has us sold! As long as you’re comfortable consuming one more source of added sugar, Golden Hour can make your creative output worth its weight in gold.

Three Spirit Social Elixir

When your mood swings left, and gray clouds hover above your head, reach for the surest remedy: Three Spirit Social Elixir. Its bittersweet taste will make your tongue curious, wanting to discover what lies beneath its composition of damiana, lion’s mane mushroom, and yerba mate. 

Three Spirit is the key to unlocking new realms of focus and happy memories. Try it, and you’ll see that describing it as psychedelic doesn’t do it justice. Besides, damiana, one of the active ingredients in this drink, has aphrodisiac effects on the human system. 

So just before kicking back and letting sexual fantasies take over your thoughts, take a gulp of Social Elixir.

Source: Three Spirit


  • Doesn’t cause hangovers. 
  • Helps you feel amazing in your conscious state — nobody’s making drunk decisions here. 


  • Not fully non-alcoholic as marketed. This drink contains ginger beer, which has a tiny percentage of alcohol (about 0.5%). 

LBN’s Verdict

Situations like this call for assistance, and we’ll take the same standpoint as The Face: Three Spirit Social Elixir offers “everything good that goes with drinking without everything bad that goes with alcohol.”

Best Psychedelic Drink for Partying: Bonbuz

Specializing in giving you the “buzz without the booze,” Bonbuz creates an assortment of energy-boosting, good-vibe-bringing cocktails, and mocktails. 

If you’re in awe of how powerful psychedelic substances are and want to experience their effects, you can begin your journey with Bonbuz mini drinks. These are the perfect welcome. They contain blood orange, ginger, grapefruit, and many other ingredients that can’t fit into this article but make the lips tingle. 

Already far gone in your journey? Bonbuz takes you even farther with killer recipes that’d put any barista to shame. 

Source: Bonbuz


  • Free of alcohol, gluten, and added sugars. 
  • Low in calories and high in fiber. 
  • Decrease blood glucose. 
  • Lasts up to one month after opening, without refrigeration. 
  • Improves heart health. 
  • Bonbuz has a 30-day return policy. If your order arrives damaged, there’s no need to freak out, but you must follow the instructions to return it within 30 days of delivery. 


  • Best for grooving, not working. 

LBN’s Verdict

It’s time to loosen up, at least for fun. Bonbuz provides a safe space to connect with your inner Miley Cyrus and shake it off.

Best Psychedelic Drink for Nighttime: Three Spirit Nightcap

Ask us for a drink that’s loaded with adaptogenic herbs and botanicals, and we’ll pour you a glass of Three Spirit Nightcap. Unlike the Social Elixir, this delightful beverage contains a harmony of flavors, including the sweetness of vanilla and maple syrup, the spiciness of ginger, and the subtle earthiness of willow bark.

The natural antioxidant nature of Hüll Melon complements the refreshing rejuvenation of lemon balm, soothing your body in time for a peaceful night’s rest. Valerian root and tree saps reduce anxiety, while the adaptogenic herbs and botanicals work together to provide a sense of calm and well-being. 

Source: Three Spirit


  • No gluten, caffeine, alcohol, artificial colors, and flavors. 
  • Comes with a free recipe guide. 
  • Lulls you to sleep. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Triggers a burning sensation in the throat, especially if you’re not used to spicy drinks. 

LBN’s Verdict

If we ignore its high price point, we’d recommend Nightcap to anyone who’s had a stressful day and wants to be knocked out fast.

Kaló Ginger Lemonade

Sick of dropping droplets of CBD oil underneath your tongue every time you need to detach from reality? Don’t pass up Kaló Ginger Lemonade. First of all, let’s talk about ginger. This ain’t your average ginger, folks. We’re talking about the kind of ginger that packs a punch, wakes you up, and gets your taste buds dancing. 

And then there’s the lemon juice extract. It’s tart; it’s zesty; it’s everything that you want in a lemonade. But wait, there’s more! Kaló added hemp into the mix. This gives this drink a little kick of coolness that’ll have you feeling like a turned-on light switch. 

Source: Kaló


  • Sweetened with cane sugar. 
  • A convenient alternative to hemp oil or capsules. 
  • Low-calorie content. 


  • Not suitable for anyone who isn’t chummy with CBD. 

LBN’s Verdict 

Kaló Ginger Lemonade may not be THE ONE for non-hemp users, but its gentle and therapeutic effects are hard to find elsewhere.

Aurora Elixirs Blackcurrant Spruce

Guess why Aurora Spruce is on our list? Because hemp enthusiasts also deserve bursts of tart blackcurrant, complemented by the subtle sweetness of pure cane sugar. As the elixir glides down your throat, you’ll be enveloped in the bubble of fresh citrus, reminiscent of a crisp fall morning in the woods. 

Source: Aurora


  • Tested and proven safe by Green Leaf Lab. 
  • Contains raw hemp oil sourced from organically grown hemp in Oregon. 
  • Elevates your mood and makes you feel satisfied with life. 


  • 6 g of sugar per serving? Now that’s something. 
  • Unsuitable for non-hemp takers. 

LBN’s Verdict

We’ll be honest: there are hemp-infused psychedelic drinks that contain less sugar and are sold at lower prices. However, Aurora is one of the few that ditch ginger and other spices for the unique sweetness of a different flavor.

Proposition Turmeric Ginger Mule

Proposition played their cards right while concocting the Ginger Mule. Turmeric, for curing inflammation? They got it. Ginger, for countering nauseous impulses and relieving morning sickness? They got it. Pineapple, high in vitamin C, for safeguarding the immune system? They got it. Hemp, for everything hemp can do? Check.


  • Free of alcohol, gluten, and soy. 
  • Offers adaptogenic benefits. 
  • Suitable for lactose-intolerant and vegan folks. 


  • If you don’t take hemp, you can’t join the fun. 

LBN’s Verdict

Compared to some options, like Aurora, Proposition’s Ginger Mule is cheap and free of common allergens. We’re not enthusiastic about combining ginger and turmeric in one drink (it makes the drink a tad too spicy), but this combo works.


There are plenty of ways to encourage your creativity. You can take a walk in nature or scrapbook a collection of your favorite vacation photos. But if you really want a psychedelic experience, the drinks reviewed above can get you started.