20 Spin songs you can spin to

What is a good rhythmic spin session without a good playlist am I right? More often, we see people going back to the rigorous cardio workout because of how much fun it is on the bike with music that never fails to uplift the mood of the room. Many have shared that they are drawn to spin because of the music and it feels like a party on the bike.

But what makes a song good to spin to? We have debunked how instructors choose their songs and why they choose them for their classes.

Choosing Spin Songs

Most playlists are formed in a way where the workout is evenly spread. From starting with one leg as the lead leg and mid way through, there may be a swap where the other leg will be the lead leg. This would also mean that your handle bar movements will start based on your lead leg.

Throughout the class, there is a good mix of slow, medium and fast RPM music. The slow to medium ones are mostly used for heavier climbs and isolation work, while faster RPM songs are used for sprints and at times, jumps are included.

As for song choices, it greatly depends on the goal of the song. What does the instructor want for you to achieve after this song. Songs with an obvious beat drop are usually used for sprints, while songs that are a single beat throughout (mostly with no lyrics), are used to teach and focus on choreography.

New songs to add to your Spin playlist

The list below are some of our favourite songs and what we think are good spin songs. You may use them to practice your endurance sprints, handle bar work or resistance training, as they have clear beat drops, verse chorus change and catchy beats which you will not get bored when you are cycling on your own!

1. Stay (Blinkie Remix)

This song, from the beginning starts off fast. Some may not hear the beat at first as it slowly comes in and is more clear at the 16 second mark. You can practice you jumps at 24 seconds and off saddle sprints at 39.

2. Crash Land (BIJOU Remix)

This song is so good for handle bar work. With one beat throughout with little to no lyrics, you can focus your movements at its 1.10 mark.

3. Heaven On Earth

Heaven on Earth by CLMD picks up quickly and you can practice your endurance sprint at its 48 seconds mark. Hold onto it until 1.03 and sit back down on the saddle to prepare for the next sprint at 1.50.

4. Sweat – Remix

The title says it all. This remix by Snoop Dogg and David Guetta is a good one for mixed handle bar movements and sprints. You can also do jumps instead of off-saddle sprints.

5. Play Hard (R3hab Remix)

I loved cycling to this song! It really makes you cycle hard! I have to admit, the beat was hard to follow initially but it comes in at 30 and it’s just fire from there. There is also a fun build up at 1.14 where if you are off beat, you can use that time to catch the fast beat again to prepare for a sprint at 1.28.

6. Right Now (GATTUSO Remix)

Right Now is another fast paced song which… feels slow. Its lyrics is so calming hence this song is one you can cycle to when you feel like going fast but want to remain seated on the saddle. Then again, noone is stopping you from standing! There is also a beat drop at 1.15 which you can challenge yourself by getting off the saddle.

7. Post Malone (GATTUSO Remix)

This song has a good mix of beat change and drops. With a strong beat at the back, it is easy to follow and stay on it. 1.14 is one of the parts where you can consider increasing your resistance or stand off the saddle and run.

8. Bounce by Timbaland

Bounce is such a good song for resistance cycling and isolations. Cycle with its slower beat and heavier resistance, and we are sure you will work your heart so well.

9. Cake – Challenge Version

This song is… just fast from the start. If you have a handle bar workout in mind, you can add it together with its fast RPM. Just be careful and remember to always steady yourself before doing handlebar work at a faster RPM.

10. The Way I Are (Steve Aoiki Pimpin Remix)

Similar to Cake, this song starts of fast. With the obvious beat at the back, it should be easy to catch and groove to.

11. Feels Great (Anki Remix)

This song literally makes your feel great! By Cheat codes and Fetty Wap, the song is not heavy on its beat and has really nice lyrics to cycle to. Focus on the lyrics and you would not even notice that you are off saddle cycling at the 50 second mark.

12. You Spin Me Round by Standy

What’s a spin playlist without a song that has the word right. This song is another fast RPM song which just does not give you a rest!

13. Good Time by Owl City

I found this my accident but tried spinning to it and had a good time (pun unintended). Like every other owl city song, this song just gives all the good vibes.

14. Keep It Mello by Marshmello

Like Bounce, Keep It Mello is one which you can use for resistance and isolation training. The beat comes it gradually hence gives you more time to crank your resistance to what you want.

15. Cross Me by Ed Sheeran

Like all his other songs, Ed Sheeran’s song, Cross me is also good to spin to. It’s RPM is quite fast but would definitely be a good workout with this song. I mean, you can sing along with Ed…!

16. Feel Good by Gryffin, Illenium & others

llenium has some nice songs which spin instructors use, but this with Gryffin is one which stood out. It really is a feel good song where does not demand alot on RPMs. Just keep firm on the bike and vibe with it!

17. Make It Nasty (Party Favour Remix)

There really is no need to share why this song is good. Listen for yourself and you would understand why its the best party favour ever!

18. Right Above It by Lil Wayne

This took us by surprised, but thoroughly enjoyed it. The RPM was not demanding at all hence you can use this for your handle bar practice.

19. The Ocean by Mike Perry

When we first heard this song, we thought that it would be easy. But boy, it was more demanding that expected. But of course, FUN!

20. Savage by Whethan, Flux & MAX

Lastly, Savage with MAX’s voice is just chefs kiss. In our opinion, this song is so good to just cycle to without any sprints, jumps or handlebar work. But really, you can add whatever you want that follows the beat.

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