It’s the break of dawn, and you’re yearning for your morning caffeine kick. But wait! You’re one of the many who often endure that horrible heartburn or a nasty acid reflux post-coffee. It’s so frustrating. It’s like a clash between your coffee-loving heart and your grumbling gut. But fear not! The coffee world has brewed a delicious solution for you – low-acid coffee!

Hang tight as we go on a flavor-filled ride exploring the magic of low-acid coffee, its perks, and the best brands you can get your hands on. Turn up the fun in your coffee by trying some French Vanilla coffee. Trust us. This may become your new coffee obsession. Let’s get started!

What is Low-Acid Coffee? 

Do you know that strong, sharp taste that hits you when you sip coffee? That’s primarily because of the acids in it. Now, imagine a type of coffee that is much smoother and doesn’t upset your stomach. That’s what low-acid coffee brings to the table.

It all starts with the coffee beans. Those grown in areas with less altitude naturally have less acid in them. Then come the coffee roasters, the people who know how to roast these beans to keep the acid content low.

So, what’s the end game? You get a much easier coffee on your stomach and teeth but one that doesn’t lose that energy boost and delicious flavor we all expect from our favorite cup of coffee. 

Top 10 Low-Acid Coffee Brands from the USA

Best Overall: Lucy Jo’s Coffee

Best Premium Mix: HealthWise Low Acid Coffee

Best Cafe Style: Java Planet

Best Easy To Use: Puroast Coffee

Best Meal Replacement Drink: Simpatico Low-Acid Coffee

Best Value: Tylers Coffee

Best Keto Mix: Euromild Low Acid Coffee

Best Instant Coffee: Mommee Coffee

Best Sports Drink: Golden Ratio Gold Coffee

Best for Variety: Trucup Low-Acid Coffee

Best Overall: Lucy Jo’s Coffee

Lucy Jo's Coffee 11 Oz Bag

Have you ever dreamed of a coffee as comforting as a warm family hug? Lucy Jo’s, a family-run coffee company, can make that dream a reality. They offer an array of low-acid organic coffee blends as diverse as your family’s personalities. 

They handpick the beans and slow-roast them like your grandma slow-cooks her famous stew, creating a smooth and flavorful coffee like her stories. The best part is that it is also super easy on your tummy. This coffee costs around $1.28-$1.34 per ounce. 

Best Premium Mix: HealthWise Low Acid Coffee

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee (110 Cups)

If you are looking for a coffee that cares about your health as much as you do, HealthWise has got you covered. They use a unique roasting process with a thumbs up from the FDA. This process gently tames acidity without squashing the flavor or aroma of the coffee thus making it a prime pick for those seeking a healthy, flavorful coffee alternative. This coffee costs around $1.30 per ounce. 

Best Cafe Style: Java Planet

Java Planet 16 Oz Bag

With every sip of Java Planet’s coffee, you do more than satisfy your caffeine cravings. You are also supporting an eco-friendly cause. Java Planet goes above and beyond to ensure their coffee is organic and bird-friendly. 

Their beans are sourced from all corners of the world, each bearing a unique taste that is as diverse as the regions they come from. So, not only does Java Planet’s coffee offer a low-acid, delicious brew, but it also brings a global coffee experience right into your home. 

Best Easy To Use: Puroast Coffee

Puroast Coffee 2.2 lbs bag

Puroast Coffee stands out from the crowd. With an impressive 70% lower acid level than most other brands, it’s a standout choice for coffee enthusiasts. Puroast Coffee got here by embracing old-school Venezuelan coffee roasting. They took it and made it their own. 

Now, they have a coffee like no other. It is smooth on your belly and packed with antioxidants. So, if you aim to kick-start your day on a healthy note, look no further than Puroast Coffee. It’s a brand that genuinely cares about your well-being. Puroast Coffee costs around $1.31 per ounce.

Best Meal Replacement Drink: Simpatico Low-Acid Coffee

Simpatico Low-Acid Coffee 2 lb Bag

Simpatico truly lives up to its name. It crafts coffee that is just as harmonious and smooth as its name. All the beans come straight from Mexico, sourced in a way that respects the environment and local workers.

With small-batch roasting, they keep each cup fresh and top-notch. You will get a smooth, rich sip each time without a bitter aftertaste at around $0.78/ounce. 

Best Value: Tylers Coffee

Tylers Coffee 12 Oz Bag

Tylers Coffee stands out among coffee brands. They made acid-free coffee by using their clever “Z-Roasting” method. The “Z-Roasting” method is a specialized process unique to Tylers Coffee. It involves carefully controlling the temperature and time during the roasting, allowing them to eliminate the formation of acidic compounds. 

The result is a smooth, delicious coffee, which costs around $1.50/ounce. And the best part is that it is remarkably easy on the stomach. This method helps balance the pH levels and keeps the coffee free from acid.  

Best Keto Mix: Euromild Low Acid Coffee

Euromild Low Acid Coffee 14.1 Oz Bag

Euromild is an excellent choice if you like a gentle but tasty coffee. They make their low-acid coffee using high-quality Colombian beans. As a result, it makes for a brew that’s mellow and easy to drink but still packed with flavor. Costing around $0.56/ounce, drinking Euromild is like enjoying a soft breeze on a warm day – so refreshing!

Best Instant Coffee: Mommee Coffee

Mommee Coffee 11 Oz Bag

Being a mom-to-be or a nursing mom means you must be extra careful with your coffee. Mommee Coffee gets this. They offer a coffee that is low in acid and free from harsh chemicals. Plus, this brand ensures that its coffee uses a water-based process and is fair-trade. 

This coffee is specifically made to be safe and healthy for you and your baby. Mommee Coffee is coffee that shows it cares! This incredible coffee costs around $1.36/ounce. 

Best Sports Drink: Golden Ratio Gold Coffee

Golden Ratio Gold Coffee 14 oz Bag

Let’s switch gears and talk about Golden Ratio. They have got a fresh take on coffee that is turning heads. Rather than the standard dark roast, they go for gold. Their beans are roasted at cooler temperatures, and the result is amazing. 

They produce a golden brew that is easier on your tummy and has five times less acid than regular coffee. But don’t worry. It still packs a punch when it comes to flavor at about $1.66 per ounce. So, if you’re ready for a golden adventure, try Golden Ratio!

Best for Variety: Trucup Low-Acid Coffee

Trucup Low-Acid Coffee Pods

How about a coffee that looks out for your stomach before you sip? That’s what Trucup does! They use a natural process on their beans to remove the acids that can cause stomach flux. They have different roasts and styles to choose from. 

If you love low-acid coffee, Trucup is an excellent pick for you. It’s also quite reasonable at just $1.08 per ounce. 

The Benefits of Low-Acid Coffee

Low-acid coffee is known for its smoother, milder taste and is less likely to cause digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach ulcers. It also preserves the enamel on your teeth, as high acid levels can lead to tooth decay. Some research suggests that low-acid coffee is less likely to inhibit iron absorption, a concern with regular coffee.


And there you have it, coffee lovers – a round-up of the top low-acid coffee brands in the USA. If you’re trying to reduce your caffeine intake then start using decaf coffee instead of regular coffee. Each offers its unique take on low-acid coffee, promising a delightful, tummy-friendly coffee experience. Why wait? Try them out today! 


Is low-acid coffee safe for everyone to drink? 

Yes, low-acid coffee is safe for most people to consume. It is particularly beneficial for those with acid reflux or other digestive issues.

Does low-acid coffee taste different from regular coffee? 

Low-acid coffee is often described as smoother and milder than regular coffee. However, the taste can vary depending on the brand and roast.

Can I make low-acid coffee with regular coffee beans? 

Some brewing methods can reduce the acidity of coffee, but for the lowest acid content, it’s best to start with low-acid coffee beans.

Is low-acid coffee more expensive than regular coffee? 

The price of low-acid coffee can vary, but it’s generally comparable to other gourmet coffee brands.

Where can I buy low-acid coffee? 

Low-acid coffee can be bought online or at select grocery stores. Check the specific brand’s website for the most accurate purchasing information.


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