starbucks iced coffee drink

Summer’s around the corner, and you know what it means? The morning caffeine fix needs to be cold and refreshing for the wake-up kick you need. Starbucks is an all-time favorite, but we really love that this coffee chain has ready-to-drink iced coffees that are super convenient. 

To make your search easier, we tried and tested some of the best Starbucks iced coffee drinks and chose our top 5. If you want to make iced coffee yourself but are searching for some quick techniques, you can try using liquid coffee concentrates to make your life easier! 

Top 5 Starbucks Iced Coffee Drinks

Best Sweetened Espresso: Starbucks Lightly Sweetened Iced Coffee

Best Frappuccino: Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee Drink Mocha

Best Macchiato: Starbucks Iced Espresso Caramel Macchiato

Best Coffee With Milk: RTD Cold & Crafted Coffee with Splash of Milk + Mocha

Best Nitro Coffee: Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream 

Best Sweetened Espresso: Starbucks Lightly Sweetened Iced Coffee

Espresso is one of the most basic coffee drinks, but Starbucks has changed this basic drink to something classy yet flavorful. Made with 100% Arabica beans (medium-roasted to perfection), this drink gets brewed with a blast of flavor. Lightly sweetened, you can enjoy this drink as it is or add a splash of milk according to your liking. 

Simple ingredients like coffee, water, and sugar make a drink you will enjoy fully. Costing $0.14/ Fl oz, this sweetened espresso will change the way you drink coffee. 

Best Frappuccino: Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee Drink Mocha

Starbucks is the creator of the frappuccino and can make the best ones for sure. You can find this ice-blended drink in a bottle now with a twist of mocha flavor. Creamy milk mixed with Starbucks-brewed coffee and a rich chocolate flavor will win you over in no time. 

The finest Arabica beans, medium-roasted, create an iced coffee drink with a deep and rich flavor. With a price of $0.19/ Fl oz, this drink is affordable and delicious, so much so that you’ll be chugging it down in no time!

Best Macchiato: Starbucks Iced Espresso Caramel Macchiato

This iced coffee drink combines espresso, milk, and a buttery, rich caramel flavor for one of the most flavorful Starbucks options. The coffee features 100% pure Arabica beans, that are dark-roasted, imparting a bold aroma. It contains 220 calories in one bottle due to the use of skimmed milk and natural flavors. 

The Starbucks Iced Espresso Caramel Macchiato only costs $0.21/Fl oz and is filled with energy and rich flavor. A signature drink at Starbucks, this iced coffee is bound to get your attention. 

Best Coffee With Milk: RTD Cold & Crafted Coffee with Splash of Milk + Mocha

Containing both cold-brew Starbucks coffee and brewed Starbucks coffee, the RTD Cold & Crafted Coffee with a splash of milk and mocha flavor has a good kick of caffeine to it. On the plus side, a single serving only has 90 calories, so you can enjoy this iced coffee without feeling guilty. 

The rich chocolate flavor makes this drink special, while it tastes very different from a regular mocha drink. At $0.27/Fl oz, this iced coffee drink is best when fully chilled. You can adjust the flavor according to your liking, but we prefer it as it is. 

Best Nitro Coffee: Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream 

Ever heard of a coffee with nitrogen? Starbucks has introduced a Nitro Cold Brew with a touch of Vanilla Sweet Cream. The best way to enjoy this iced coffee is to chill it, pop it open, and pour it into a glass. The nitrogen adds extra creaminess and richness to the drink without the extra calories. Moreover, it just makes the iced coffee more fun to have! 

A single drink has only 70 calories, so on a scorching summer day, you can pop open a can of Nitro Cold Brew and enjoy the sweetness of vanilla and the creaminess of the nitrogen. This unique drink costs $3.38/can due to the different flavors and ingredients it contains. Once you drink this iced coffee, there is no going back!

Is Coffee Good For You?

Combats depression

Studies have found that consuming coffee at least 4 times a day helps prevent depression in people. A study also showed that consuming between 68-509 milligrams of caffeine per day significantly reduced depression. 

Protection from dementia 

A study revealed that consuming coffee can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, which is a worsened stage of dementia. Coffee is seen to have a positive impact on the decline seen in the brain. 

Boosts performance 

For those who work out, coffee is a great boost. Caffeine improves blood circulation and muscle strength and also reduces the pain felt by workouts. This effect enhances overall performance.


Starbucks continues to surprise people with its range of flavors and variety of drinks. It’s no surprise that they have also started selling drinks that you can enjoy directly from the bottle. These top 5 Starbucks iced coffee drinks are the best we have ever tried. Each has a different texture and flavor, which is what makes them our favorite. 

If you also like exploring different flavors of coffee, then you should also give mushroom-flavored coffee a try; it will leave you in awe. Go on and try these Starbucks-iced coffee drinks and beat the heat with the right caffeine kick. 


How do I choose a Starbucks coffee?

When choosing your coffee at Starbucks, you need to tell the barista whether you want a caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Then you get to select your choice of milk and tell them whether there should be a room or no room for some cream. 

Which coffee is Starbucks famous for?

Starbucks is renowned for its Frappuccino. The Starbucks Frappuccino comes in a range of flavors like vanilla, mocha, caramel, and much more. These ice-blended drinks are an all-time favorite of many. 

How many drinks does Starbucks have?

According to the website, Starbucks has over 87,000 different combinations of coffee and other drinks. 

What is the largest drink by Starbucks?

The ‘Trenta’ cup is the largest size available at Starbucks. This cup contains 31 Fl oz of liquid, and you can only order it for cold drinks.