What does sex feel like

What does sex feel like, really? We scoured Quora for the most on-point answers to this question. 

Names of sources have been changed to protect their privacies, and some of these responses have been shortened or clarified. But you won’t miss any of the juicy details. 

The Greatest Pleasure 

Sex is an amazing thing, especially when you two are making love. The chemistry between you two is perfect, and you are in pure pleasure. 

It’s so incredibly lovely and yet perfectly draining. From slow and passionate to rough and kinky, sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Source: Noa* 

Like Gooey Pizza


Freshly baked in a brick oven built by the person’s father, who owned the restaurant before him. Not too thin, not too thick. Made from the scratch marinara sauce, strategically sprinkled with all your favorite toppings. 

When you grab a slice off of it, you think the melted cheese could make a 10 feet string. Pizza like this is meant to be ordered whenever you are in this town.

That’s good sex. 

Source: Klein* 

So Many Feelings at Once

It feels like: 

  • Security, knowing your woman loves you enough to let you enter her body.
  • Release and relief; a sense of letting your pressures of life go. I suppose it’s like taking drugs in this case.
  • Getting some control over life, knowing your woman wants to submit herself to you.
  • Love; a sense of knowing your two hearts are entwined together, belonging to each other.

Source: Alison*

Better than Hard Drugs 

Well, of all the drugs, legal or illegal, that we use to get high and overdose ourselves with, nothing is as good as sex. 

Source: Caddy* 

Intense and Satisfying

For some people, there may be a slight discomfort in the beginning as your body readjusts to something new. 

However, this typically dissipates quickly when you become more aroused. The pleasure that comes with sexual intercourse is often described as intense and deeply satisfying. 

For those who engage in vaginal penetration, common sensations include clitoral stimulation, tightness around the penis, or toy penetrating, depending on how deep it goes, and pleasure radiating across your whole body.

Source: Robert* 

What Does Sex Feel Like for Men?

Women and people with vulvas often wonder how men and penis owners feel when having sex. Is it as beautiful for them? These insights from Quorans will tell. 

He’s Where He’s Meant to Be

A man does not have as many nerve endings in his genitals as a woman does, but he can augment the sensation and cause it to heighten by being right against that lovely woman’s body, bare skin to bare skin, hands clenching hers as if in a symphonic ballet. 

The more intimate the two are physically, the more sensation develops in his penis, just like a woman’s clitoris. 

He is where he was meant to be, where he has tried to be all day long, where he has thought about being all week and where he was fantasizing about being just moments before his divine masculine and her divine feminine energies intertwine. 

That being said, the physical sensation is exhilarating. The friction feels so good that we could orgasm in 10 seconds. Instead, we learn to process this sensation and prolong it for the pleasure of the woman we are so deeply intimate with. 

When a woman allows us inside of them, we feel accepted and included, and there’s nothing more unifying than this. 

Source: Zheng*

Warming up

When your penis is engulfed in wet, silken smooth vaginal muscles, the warmth and wetness keep increasing while you continue pumping it in and out.

Since the male genitals reside outside the body, for obvious reasons, they are at a lower temperature than the vaginal canal. 

Contrary to popular belief, the vagina is not an open tube, as depicted in most anatomy books. According to science, the introitus measures from 0.7 inches to 1.5 inches.  

It is a collapsed tube that constantly has a lubricating fluid in it to keep the walls from sticking together and to expel any material that needs to be removed from the inside. Think of it as a self-cleaning oven. 

On a vagina with a hymen (not all women are born with hymens, and there are different types and shapes), the opening may be quite small and need lots of preparation to open and stretch to the normal width of a penis (1.4 inches diameter average). 

The vagina is also warm, so the initial sensation is the penis warming up to body temperature. 

Source: Andre*

You’ll Want to Go Deeper

There’s an overwhelming urge to push into her, deeper into her body and her soul. Her arms and legs wrap around me as she draws me in. 

There’s a sense of wonder and joy that she gives this most private part of her to me, this tunnel to the depths of her body where the miracle of conception happens. I’ve never lost that thrill at what she’s doing for both of us. 

Source: Dalton*

Gay Sex Is Faster 

Depends on who it’s with.

Sex with another man is, well, like, “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…getcha damn clothes off, and let’s tear each other apart.” Cuddling is optional. The next day, you awake, hit Starbucks, and maybe agree to hook up again. If not, yell, “Next!”

Source: Hayden*

What Does Sex Feel Like for Women? 

All the responses collated below describe vaginal sex and have been edited for clarity and length. Responders’ names have been changed to protect their privacies. 


Women’s organs are internal, so we have to let someone in sexually. Sex feels vulnerable because you trust someone to enter your body and not harm you.

Men are stronger and can easily use physical force against us. We must trust they will not betray us or force us to do something against our will.

Source: Sofia*

Could Be Good, Boring, or Humiliating

It can be earth-shatteringly good. Women orgasm longer, harder and more times than men, and it fires more neurons throughout the whole brain.

Or it can be completely boring. Like, “Are you done yet? I can’t even feel anything.” Imagine someone ramming their finger in and out of your mouth. Feels about like that. 

Or it could be the most painful and disgusting, and humiliating experience of your life if it is not consensual.

Source: Isla*

An Emotional Connection

For me, and probably many women, sex happens mostly in mind. 

If I’m with a guy, it’s about comfort, safety, connection, emotion, the contrast of his “strength” (in terms of intellect, humor, morale, adventurous spirit, physical, etc.) to mine, and a whirlwind of imagination and “re-living” feelings and experiences I have shared with my partner outside the bedroom. 

The strength of my orgasm depends on a conglomerate of all these intangible factors and more. 

If I do not know the guy very well, I must fill in these gaps by pretending he is strong in the ways that I hope and basically giving him the credit he has not earned.  This is not preferred. It can make the experience seem awkward or insincere.

Source: Hana*