What occupation has the most sex

We’ve all been wondering what occupation has the most sex. But according to a 2019 survey of 2000 men and women, the dynamics of sex frequency will leave anyone speechless. 

So which occupation gets the most action? Is it a high-powered business person? Nope. An NBA player? Wrong again. It’s none other than the lowly farmer. You can run these numbers just to be sure: 

What Occupation Has the Most Sex Daily?


Farmers are known for their hard work, and it turns out that’s not the only thing they’re working hard at.

Survey results show that 33% of farmers have sex once a day. This is more than three times the average number of times per week that people have sex in America.

We think it has to do with farmers spending so much time outdoors. This could explain why they have more energy than their non-farmer counterparts when it comes time for some bedroom fun!


It’s a fact that most architects are cool, calm and collected. They’re not prone to fits of passion or sudden bursts of emotion.

But they do have sex.

A lot.

21% of architects have sex once a day. That’s pretty impressive—and it means that if you’re an architect and you’ve only been having sex once a day, you’re probably not underperforming!


Like a painter with a canvas, skilled hairdresser wields their tools with precision, creating masterpieces of color and texture that adorn the heads of their clients.  

The salon is their studio, where they craft their visions into reality, transforming dull and lifeless locks into vibrant and alluring tresses. 

And apparently, hairdressers take some of that artiness into the bedroom too. During the survey, 17% said they had sex once daily. 

What Occupation Has the Most Sex Weekly?

In another study by Bed SOS, professionals were grouped into categories, and so were their answers on how often they had sex per week. We’re spying on those answers, and you’re invited. 

Healthcare (3.7 times Weekly)

Workers in the health industry spend their days caring for their friends, family and loved ones. These folks are there when your grandma breaks her hip, and your mom has a heart attack. They’re the ones who save lives and microdose coffee a lot. And on top of all that, they have sex 3.7 times per week.

Finance (3.6 times Weekly)

Finance professionals come in all shapes and sizes: they can be accountants or financial planners, or they can work at a bank or insurance company. 

Wherever you find them, they’re busy crunching numbers during the day, and maybe sipping on any of the best mushroom drinks

Once the night rolls around, or they have some privacy, they get busy down there, going at it 3.6 times weekly.

Human Resources (3.5 times Weekly)

Employees in HR departments are responsible for making sure that all employees have everything they need to be productive members of the team. 

Based on the available data, it’s clear that HR officials are making their partners super happy too. Who wouldn’t be satisfied with a weekly banging dose of 3.5? Just down a psychedelic coffee beforehand to heighten the pleasure. 

IT (3.4 times Weekly)

IT workers must have a broad understanding of how computers work to troubleshoot issues effectively. They must be able to read technical manuals, understand how the software works, and sometimes even write code.

In addition to keeping computers and computer networks functioning, IT guys know how to keep their beds warm and active. 

Retail (3.3 times Weekly)

Salespeople work long hours at the front of the store, greeting and assisting customers as they enter. They may unload trucks or stock shelves at the back of the store and unload sexual desire and stock pleasure when no one’s looking.