We have seen an increase in spin, also known as indoor rhythmic cycling, content across the internet lately. In a way, COVID-19 (due to the need for social distancing and isolation) has forced workout studios to pivot their business model by engaging in online spin classes, which can be accessed via several platforms or apps such as Core Fitness and already established brands including Peloton. On most of these platforms, a monthly subscription gives you access to majority of their classes, live or recorded. Subscribers would just need to invest in the equipment and alas, one can work out easily everyday in the comfort of your own home!

My Experience with Youtube Spin Classes

Having gone through COVID-19 (like everyone else) and being stuck at home with workout studios closed, I took this chance to try out some of the available free spin classes content on Youtube (before deciding to start a monthly subscription with one of the studios I fell in love with). I was glad to find so many available content, and though not being physically in the studio with other members, the lights and quality music, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and still felt part of a community. Because they were so easily accessible, I was able to workout eagerly almost everyday.

So here are 5 Youtube channels and their spin classes I followed and cycled to on my indoor spin bike at home, with my review on each of them. I hope this will help you in your spin journey and why you should consider being a part of this larger community.

@KristinaGirod: Power+Flow

Video: @KristinaGirod

I cannot rave enough about this studio! All my friends ask who I train with or which local studio I attend and I proudly share that I cycle with Power+Flow (though many miles away).

My spin journey started at the end of 2019 with Power+Flow, when I knew nothing about spin. What drew me to the workout was the energy Kristina and her team, then Avery and Faith, brought. I found myself looking forward to getting on my bike at the end of the day to cycle and keep up with them. Looking back, I ask myself if starting my cycle journey with them was a good idea as they are SO good, fast and on pace. But I am so glad I started with them because every class was a test of your strength and potential, where Kristina and her team of awesome people never fail to motivate and push you, while still reminding you to ‘towel down and drink up’.

What I am always in awe with is also how clear their instructions are. With the music playing in the back, her team is able to time themselves so accurately, properly teaching the room handle bar moves and successfully have everyone execute it so perfectly. No doubt it requires more classes and training, however I have to give it to them for instructing so clearly, cueing the moves in so seamlessly, all while being so hype on the bike!

You may ask, what Kristina and her team are doing in Power+Flow so differently as the above may seem like a basic expectation when you attend a spin class. I have observed and can testify that because her classes are planned around a certain theme such as ‘Built Different’ and ‘You Already Won’, people keep coming back as they feel a sense of belonging. Throughout the class, this theme is reiterated and the song choices are aligned with the theme. What more can we ask for! On her Youtube page, you will see her many classes with the theme in the title. This has really helped me choose which class I am in the mood for that day or a theme which you can relate to.

Kristina’s free videos on Youtube is just the start of something so so good. It is the tip of the iceberg, in a very good way. To further support her studio and her team of talented instructors, you can subscribe to their on-demand platform here with their 3 day free trial.

@LaurenTBowman: City Cycle Seattle

Video: @LaurenTBowman

Unlike Power+Flow, I discovered Lauren’s City Cycle Seattle on Instagram. It was during the time when I was invested and found myself watching short videos of spin enthusiasts demonstrating how to follow the beat, maintain good posture and some common handle bar movements. What can I say, when we love something, we really want to know what mistakes to avoid and learn to get good at it no?

The short clips of Lauren and her team are nothing short of amazing! Even though they were short videos, I got so much energy out of it and headed back home to try them out. It was only recently that she started uploading full videos of her class on Youtube, and of course, I immediately took the chance to try them. Needless to say, they were SO much fun. What drew me to her classes were how good her music choices are. You may argue that this is subjective, but who knew you could mix your favourite 2000 songs with EDM qualities and cycle to it with so much energy! I found myself trying to shazam or ‘hey siri’ so many of her songs and thought I was the only one until I saw her comments section. It was just that catchy and fun!

Her short clips also showed how herself and team practice their moves with the songs. I can say that they were so useful as a viewer and a rider. It was both educational and entertaining, and of course, made me want to get back on my bike the following day.

To add to your list of studios to learn from, you can access all her videos here.

@VivCycle: Viv Cycle Denver

Video: @VivCycle

We all know how the youtube algorithm works. After engaging with so many spin related content, this gem of another cycle studio popped up, Viv Cycle Denver. Like both Power+Flow and City Cyle, its location is so far away from where I am, so being able to cycle to their online classes was just great!

After the first 2, you ask, HOW different can this be. Another spin studio! After cycling through their free Youtube online classes, I can say that amongst all of the studios, Viv Cycle is the fastest paced I have attended.

Why did I enjoy their classes and kept on going till I exhausted all their youtube content then? It is because I always felt challenged, especially for speed; to keep wanting to catch up and go for as long as Nadine or Sophia. Apart from how amazingly fast and long their legs can endure, Viv’s cycle classes always felt like an older(or younger) sister motivating you to break out of your comfort zone, and challenge your limit. Sounds exhausting? Yes. But fulfilling, totally!

You can find all their spin classes here with a 14 day free trial, and try it for yourself. I assure you, you will not regret.

@kayleigh: Kayleigh Cohen Cycling

Video: @kayleigh

Okay 2 more. This time, it is an online-based cycle class. As a certified spin instructor and Stages Beats instructor, Kayleigh shares her cycle classes on Youtube for free! She has a library of free programmes one can follow and improve your workouts. Though her classes are not as rhythmic-based as the others, Kayleigh classes are equally fun. Don’t get me wrong, there is still music in the background (DJed by her husband, cute!) and her cute pug is always sleeping next to her. Her workouts on the bike, I would say, are more strength-focused where instructions on how much resistance we should be cycling on. What I appreciate most are her clear instructions on sprints and climbs, with a timer either at the top right or left of the screen. That way, you know how much longer you have to push!

Her energy throughout is extremely motivating as well. She carefully paces herself on the bike and instructs ever so clearly. She also holds many live cycle classes which, while cycling, would interact with those with her. Attendees are also able to give some money as a token to say thank you for the encouragement or motivating them to get up and move; the community that she has created and achieved without having a physical brick and mortar studios is so admirable in my opinion!

You can access her library of spin resources here and know more about her and other workouts which you may be interested in.

@TheSpinJunkie: The Spin Junkie

Video: @TheSpinJunkie

Last but not least, The Spin Junkie! I am most excited about this one as I would say Holly, known as The Spin Junkie online, holds spin sessions in (the most) no-frills environment against common music genres. Her set up is her bike, 2 standing mirrors on both sides (which is so helpful to see if she is off or on the bike, and posture), and some lights at the back. That is it! In her small set up with her music, she manages to make me excited to cycle and keep up.

I am not sure if it is because she is a master instructor for almost 10 years, who have had experience with celebrities and olympians, but I appreciate that she reminds the rider on form multiple times throughout the ride. As cycling to music with the rhythm can be fast-paced or some may be ‘lost in the music’, our form may potentially be compromised. With Holly’s reminders, I find myself correcting more than often and feeling more comfortable on the bike. Another plus point of her sessions/videos is that she clearly indicates if we are riding to light, medium or heavy resistance with the RPM reflected as well. This is useful to both a new and seasoned rider as we all have different thresholds for resistance, as such, with such guides, one can adjust accordingly.

To get going with The Spin Junkie and be one yourself, you may find all her videos here. Have fun!

Summary: Youtube Spin Classes

This review is longer than I expected, but I hope that my personal experience with all 5 would encourage you to try their spin classes as well. Below is a table summary of my personal rating I would give each. To clarify, the scale does not indicate how good or bad, but rather if there is a lot of or lack of.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best in your spin journey!

Out of 10Clear Instructions Good MusicResistance TrainingHandle Bar MovementsSpeed
City Cycle Seattle910789
Viv Cycle Denver998810
Kayleigh Cohen Cycling107957
The Spin Junkie98778

Post Image: Mister Mister